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Love is in the air? But maybe not at Sherborne School…

Ravens are believed to mate for life, but the ravens of Sherborne School were anything but romantic!

Find out about Morloch the raven and his successive wives – he was suspected of murdering at least one of them – ‘Nevermore!’ The Ravens of Sherborne School

Alan Turing voted the BBC Icons Greatest Person of the 20th Century.

Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Martin Luther King junior, Nelson Mandela, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Shackleton, and Alan Turing were the finalists named in the BBC Icons series celebrating individuals who have made the greatest contribution to the 20th century. At the live final held on 5 February […]

Burns Night v. Barnes Night

On the 25 January, the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, will be celebrated around the world.  For some years now there has been a growing feeling that an English poet should likewise be honoured.

But which English poet’s work similarly combines dialect verse with a strong sense of place?  Perhaps the […]

Philip Kelland: the 1st OS Fellow of the Royal Society

On 6 December 1838, Philip Kelland (1808-1879) was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, the first of five Old Shirburnians to be elected FRS.

Born at Dunster in Somerset on 17 October 1808 to the Rev. Philip Kelland (c.1774-1847), rector of Dunster, and Rachael (née Fish) (c.1778-1837), he attended Sherborne School […]

The first team photograph of the 1st XV

In December 1868, the very first team photograph was taken of Sherborne School’s 1st XV.

The taking of the team photograph was indicative of an increased interest being taken at Sherborne in the game.  It was even suggested that boys were now taking as much interest in the rugby football as in […]

The 80th Anniversary of the Kindertransport

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport, or Children’s Transport, the name given to the rescue movement which between December 1938 and September 1939 arranged for some 10,000 mostly Jewish children being brought to Britain from Nazi Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Three of these children were taken in by Sherborne School.

Find […]

Sherborne’s International Rugby Players

Having enjoyed a fantastic weekend of rugby, here are some Sherborne international rugby stats you might enjoy:

Who are the most-capped Shirburnians?

Armistice Day: a time for celebration or quiet reflection?

On the 11 November 1918, the bells rang out across the country announcing the signing of the Armistice.  Many greeted the news with elation and wanted to celebrate, but others thought it should be a time for quiet reflection.

Find out how news of […]

National Poetry Day: Sherborne’s Poet Laureate

Today, on National Poetry Day, we celebrate the former Poet Laureate and Old Shirburnian, Cecil Day-Lewis CBE.

In 1947, Cecil Day-Lewis wrote a poem about visiting the annual Sherborne Chrysanthemum Show during his first term at Sherborne School:

The Chrysanthemum […]

Denis Eagar’s War Hymn, September 1914

Lo! In the Heights, & the valleys of England
News of a great & a terrible war
GOD of our nation & GOD of our Empire
Help us, we pray thee, & guard thou our shore.

In September 1914, a 15 ½ year old pupil at Sherborne School wrote the words and music for ‘War Hymn’.  The […]