Between 10 July and 31 October 1940, six former pupils of Sherborne School lost their lives during what became known as The Battle of Britain:

Aston Maurice Cooper-Key (1918-1940) (School House 1932-1933), Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force, died on 24 July 1940, aged 21.

Geoffrey Kenneth Goût (1916-1940) (School House 1929-1933), Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force, died 25 July 1940, aged 24.

Harry Lafone Greenshields (1918-1940) (School House 1932-1936), Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, attached to Royal Air Force, died 16 August 1940, aged 22.

Hugh Charles Adams (1918-1940) (The Green 1932-1936), Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force, died 6 September 1940, aged 22.

Carl Raymond Davis DFC (1911-1940) (Westcott 1924-1929), Flight-Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, died 6 September 1940, aged 29.

Miles John Miley (1918-1940) (School House 1932-1936), Flying Officer, Royal Air Force, died 15 September 1940, aged 22.

Other former pupils fought in The Battle of Britain, but survived:
William Radclyffe Assheton DFC (1917-2009) (School House 1931-1936), Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force, 222 squadron (DFC, wounded).

Ernest Lindsey Hancock DFC (1916-1992) (Westcott 1929-1934), Wing-Commander, Royal Air Force, 609 Squadron (DFC).

Edward Stanley Smith DFC AFC (1915-1970) (Abbeylands 1928-1933), Wing-Commander, Royal Air Force, 600 Squadron (DFC, AFC).

Peter Kenneth Devitt (1911-1997) (School House 1924-1929), Wing-Commander, Royal Air Force, 152 Squadron (despatches).

We will remember them.

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