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A New Devil’s Dictionary – Nicholas T Parsons (d 64)

A New Devil's DictionaryA New Devil’s Dictionary aims to supply a disrespectful guide to the agenda that all too often lurks behind contemporary buzzwords, phrases or slogans. In a conventional dictionary, you will find definitions, of course, but they do not always tell you everything you […]

The Gospel According to Paul – Hari Thorpe (h 60)

The Gospel According to PaulActs of the Apostles quotes St Paul’s famous: “I appeal to Caesar!” and devotes two whole chapters to his sea journey to Rome. Then the story fizzles out. What happened next? One third of the way through Acts, St Peter miraculously escapes […]

The Wind Blows Wherever it Pleases – Henry Kendal (c 77)

henry-kendal-book-coverThe Wind Blows Wherever It Pleases is a lively account of the life of the Spirit, rich in stories but also mature in its dealing with scripture, it is both evangelical and charismatic in its approach. […]

White on Green – Peter Oborne (d 74) and Richard Heller

white-on-greenFollowing Peter Oborne’s award-winning global success with Wounded Tiger: A History of Cricket in Pakistan comes a new volume, written with Richard Heller, to celebrate the extraordinary story of Pakistan cricket. In White on Green, we discover a rich tapestry of stories about cricket in all its forms that will fascinate all who want to understand more about that country. […]

Not the Chilcot Report – Peter Oborne (d 74)

not-the-chilcott-report‘The defining calamity of the post-cold war era’, in Peter Oborne’s words, took place in 2003. The invasion of Iraq led to the collapse of the state system in the Middle East. […]

Hume: An Intellectual Biography – James Harris (m 87)

hume-an-intellectual-biography-by-james-harrisThis is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire career of one of Britain’s greatest men of letters. It sets in biographical and historical context all of Hume’s works, from A Treatise of Human Nature to The History of England, bringing to […]

A Matter of Honor – Anthony Summers (f 61) and Robbyn Swan

a-matter-of-honorOn the seventy-fifth anniversary, the authors of Pulitzer Prize finalist, The Eleventh Day unravel the mysteries of Pearl Harbor to expose the scapegoating of the admiral who was in command the day 2,000 Americans died, report on the continuing struggle to restore his lost honor and clear President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the charge that he knew the attack was coming. […]

Captain Charles Fryatt: Courageous Mariner of the First World War – Ben Carver (g 59)

captain-charles-fryattAt about 7 p.m. on 27 July 1916, the Germans committed one of the worst atrocities of the First World War. Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt, Master of the Great Eastern Railway ship SS Brussels, had been court-martialled, even though a civilian, for attempting to ram an […]

Peacemaking in God’s Church – Martin Mosse (a 68)

peacemaking-in-gods-churchPeacemaking in God’s Church has special reference to the historic divide between Roman Catholics and evangelicals.   It is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle ebook formats.

Comments from members of different churches include:

‘A great read, very well laid out and offers a really positive way forward.’ (Roman […]

Best Love to All – John Rigby-Jones (h 73)

best-love-to-allJohn Rigby-Jones retired in 2015 after more than 30 years in the private healthcare industry. His first book, Best Love to All is an account of his grandfather’s experiences as a young officer with the Liverpool Pals in the First World War and is due to […]