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No More Champagne – David Lough (e&m 68)

No More ChampagneThe untold story of Winston Churchill’s precarious finances – and the most original and surprising book about Churchill to emerge for many years.

The popular image of Churchill – grandson of a duke, drinking champagne and smoking a cigar – conjures up a man of […]

The Literary Correspondences of the Tonsons – Dr Stephen Bernard (b 94)

Stephen Bernard Tonsons Literary CorrespondencesBrings together the literary correspondence of the Tonsons in one volume for the first time  

  • Makes a unique and fascinating contribution to eighteenth-century book history
  • Includes the correspondence of major literary publishers and their writers
  • Provides the only in-print […]

INDIA, Living in an Ornate World – James Wellings (d 59)

INDIA Living in an Ornate World CoverIndia, Living in an Ornate World explores  why India is so rich in colour and ornamentation and why it has such a diversity of culture and architecture. There is still a large part of the population who prefer to continue […]

Climbs and Punishment, Felix Lowe (g 99)

Climbs and PunishmentAfter almost a decade of reporting on the exploits of the pro peloton, raconteur Felix Lowe takes to the saddle and sets out to conquer the road from Barcelona to Rome. Powered by local delicacies, painkillers and imaginary fans, Lowe pedals his […]

Portrait of the Artist – 25 Bridport Painters & Sculptors

Kit Glaisyer

ISBN 978-0-9560090-3                       Published by Richmond Housebig-web-portrait-of-the-artist-cover

This book focuses on twenty-five painters and sculptors associated with the contemporary Bridport art scene. The project was orchestrated by artist Kit Glaisyer and is a collaboration with writer Lu Orza and photographer George Wright. They each […]

The Eleventh Day – The Ultimate Account of 9/11, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan

Anthony Summers (f-61) and Robbyn SwanThe_Eleventh_Day_UK_Web_Pic_Size

Writing with access to thousands of recently released official documents, new interviews and perspectives coming from a decade of research & reflection, Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan deliver the 1st panoramic, authoritative look at 9/11.

For many Americans, 9/11/2001, is […]

Of Moose and Men – Jerry Haigh

Whether you’re a wildlife specialist, an avid hunter, or an armchair veterinarian, Of Moose and Men provides a wealth of information about moose Of_Moose__Menfrom all corners of the world. Follow Jerry Haigh on his adventures with moose both tame and wild, and get an […]

Jobs for the Boys – Hew Stevenson

Jobs for the Boys: the Story of a Family in Britain's Imperial HeydayThe Story of a Family in Britain’s Imperial Heyday

ISBN: 978-1902563022

Jobs for the Boys is a portrait of one inter-dependent Victorian family who made alkali, war and the Empire. They were politicians and […]

Wild Life: Adventures on an African Farm – Aidan Hartley

Wild Life: Adventures on an African Farm
Publisher: William Heinemann Ltd (March 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0434013838

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Village in Modern Mexico: San Nicolás Tlaminca – Peter Coy

Village in Modern Mexico: San Nicolás Tlaminca
Publisher: (2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4092-7404-9

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