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Jobs for the Boys – Hew Stevenson

Jobs for the Boys: the Story of a Family in Britain's Imperial HeydayThe Story of a Family in Britain’s Imperial Heyday

ISBN: 978-1902563022

Jobs for the Boys is a portrait of one inter-dependent Victorian family who made alkali, war and the Empire. They were politicians and […]

Wild Life: Adventures on an African Farm – Aidan Hartley

Wild Life: Adventures on an African Farm
Publisher: William Heinemann Ltd (March 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0434013838

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Village in Modern Mexico: San Nicolás Tlaminca – Peter Coy

Village in Modern Mexico: San Nicolás Tlaminca
Publisher: (2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4092-7404-9

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The Architect’s Tale – William Bertram

William Bertram (b 57)
The Architect’s Tale
Publisher: Redcliffe Press Ltd (March 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1906593247
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Article by William Bertram (b 57)

“Whatever happened to so-and-so?” is a phrase you hear only too often when two or more Shirburnians – or anyone else for that matter – reminisce.  Many OS have had careers which may be of interest to others even though their performance at School was, perhaps, unremarkable.

In my case I had the good fortune to have, as my housemaster, that very wise old man; Max Westlake.  He wasn’t a scholar.  My affection for him was born from not being academic myself, so neither of us felt threatened by the other and we got on like a house on fire.  He might have taken a different view had he been aware that I had developed my artistic skills sufficiently to be able to forge his MEKW signature.  I had become a ‘fixer’ for those of us dullards who needed their detentions signed off away from official eyes!

An Introduction to Space Robotics – Alex Ellery

An Introduction to Space Robotics
(Springer-Praxis Books in Astronomy & Space Sciences) 
Alex Ellery

There is little doubt that robotic and automated systems in space will contribute considerably to the future commercialisation of the space environment. This text provides a systems eye view of robotic spacecraft design with an emphasis on control […]

The Dark Heart of Italy – Tobias Jones

The Dark Heart of Italy: Travels Through Time and Space Across Italy  
Tobias Jones

Tobias Jones’ remarkable book essential reading for Italy enthusiasts: The Dark Heart of Italy (subtitled Travels Through Time and Space across Italy) is unlike any book on the country you may have read before. […]

Race Against the Odds – Kevin Desmond

Race Against the Odds: The Tragic Success Story of “Miss England II”  
Kevin Desmond

Miss England II, the legendary British powerboat, was the first speedboat to cross the 100mph barrier. As such, it holds a unique place in the history of sport and “Race Against the Odds” is the result […]

Not in Your Lifetime – Anthony Summers

Not in Your Lifetime
Anthony Summers

A systematic reconstruction of Lee Harvey Oswald’s shadowy movements in the years preceding John Kennedy’s assassination uncovers previously unknown contacts ranging from right-wing extremists to U.S. military and intelligence agent.


Nobody’s Perfect – Anthony Lane

Nobody’s Perfect  
Anthony Lane

The collected reviews of Anthony Lane — one of the finest critics of his generation — are an exhilarating volume for fans both old and new. Nobody’s Perfect. the much anticipated collection from the New Yorker critic, brings together a generous selection of Lane’s film criticisms, profiles, book […]

Why Collage – William Cooper

Why Collage
William Cooper

William Cooper’s book is a delightful compilation of arresting collages, invaluable for anyone interested in this burgeoning language of art.