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The Architect’s Tale – William Bertram

William Bertram (b 57)
The Architect’s Tale
Publisher: Redcliffe Press Ltd (March 2009)
ISBN-13: 978-1906593247
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Article by William Bertram (b 57)

“Whatever happened to so-and-so?” is a phrase you hear only too often when two or more Shirburnians – or anyone else for that matter – reminisce.  Many OS have had careers which may be of interest to others even though their performance at School was, perhaps, unremarkable.

In my case I had the good fortune to have, as my housemaster, that very wise old man; Max Westlake.  He wasn’t a scholar.  My affection for him was born from not being academic myself, so neither of us felt threatened by the other and we got on like a house on fire.  He might have taken a different view had he been aware that I had developed my artistic skills sufficiently to be able to forge his MEKW signature.  I had become a ‘fixer’ for those of us dullards who needed their detentions signed off away from official eyes!

An Introduction to Space Robotics – Alex Ellery

An Introduction to Space Robotics
(Springer-Praxis Books in Astronomy & Space Sciences) 
Alex Ellery

There is little doubt that robotic and automated systems in space will contribute considerably to the future commercialisation of the space environment. This text provides a systems eye view of robotic spacecraft design with an emphasis on control […]

The Dark Heart of Italy – Tobias Jones

The Dark Heart of Italy: Travels Through Time and Space Across Italy  
Tobias Jones

Tobias Jones’ remarkable book essential reading for Italy enthusiasts: The Dark Heart of Italy (subtitled Travels Through Time and Space across Italy) is unlike any book on the country you may have read before. […]

Race Against the Odds – Kevin Desmond

Race Against the Odds: The Tragic Success Story of “Miss England II”  
Kevin Desmond

Miss England II, the legendary British powerboat, was the first speedboat to cross the 100mph barrier. As such, it holds a unique place in the history of sport and “Race Against the Odds” is the result […]

Not in Your Lifetime – Anthony Summers

Not in Your Lifetime
Anthony Summers

A systematic reconstruction of Lee Harvey Oswald’s shadowy movements in the years preceding John Kennedy’s assassination uncovers previously unknown contacts ranging from right-wing extremists to U.S. military and intelligence agent.


Nobody’s Perfect – Anthony Lane

Nobody’s Perfect  
Anthony Lane

The collected reviews of Anthony Lane — one of the finest critics of his generation — are an exhilarating volume for fans both old and new. Nobody’s Perfect. the much anticipated collection from the New Yorker critic, brings together a generous selection of Lane’s film criticisms, profiles, book […]

Why Collage – William Cooper

Why Collage
William Cooper

William Cooper’s book is a delightful compilation of arresting collages, invaluable for anyone interested in this burgeoning language of art.


Village Cricket – Tim Heald

Village Cricket
Tim Heald

Planet Savers – Kevin Desmond

Kevin Desmond (g 68)
Planet Savers: 301 Extraordinary Environmentalists
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing Ltd (November 2007)
ISBN 10: 1906093008

An inspiring collection of people making a difference…a refreshing antidote to apathy and the hopelessness that nothing can be done with the environmental challenge so overwhelming and huge.

Thomas E. Lovejoy, President, The Heinz Center for Science Economics and the Environment.


Inshore Along the Dorset Coast – Peter Bruce

Inshore Along the Dorset Coast
Publisher: Boldre Marine (May 2008)
ISBN 10: 1871680417