Mallarmé’s Sunset – Barnaby Norman (m, 97)

Mallarme's Sunset - Barnaby Norman

The writings of the great Symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898) were to become uniquely influential in twentieth century literary criticism. For critics and philosophers such as Maurice Blanchot and Jacques Derrida, Mallarmé’s name came to represent a rupture in literary history, […]

Sift: Memories of Childhood – Lawrence Sail

Sift_AgainSift focuses on Lawrence Sail’s childhood in Exeter during the ten years following the end of the Second World War, as well as covering his parents’ pre-war travels.  His father was a painter who came to Britain from Germany in 1934:  his mother, the […]

Songs of the Darkness: Poems for Christmas – Lawrence Sail

Songs_of_the_DarknessSongs of the Darkness brings together a selection of poems for Christmas written over a period of more than thirty years.  They are notable for their combination of a close focus and breadth.  Trees, flowers, creatures and landscapes are set memorably in the context […]

Waking Dreams: New & Selected Poems – Lawrence Sail

Waking_DreamsLawrence Sail’s poems balance dream and history, delight and unease: they weigh the art of the possible against the encroachment of time. This substantial retrospective covers work written over four decades, drawing on poems from ten collections, from Opposite Views (1974) to the New […]

Unexploded – Alexander Francis Woolley

Alexander Francis Woolley

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Chasing the Hoopoe – John Weston

Chasing the Hoopoe
John Weston

Publisher: Peterloo Poets

John Weston, whose love of poetry dates from his Sherborne days, began writing his own poems four years ago. He has won two major poetry prizes since then, and had many of his poems published in newspapers and magazines. “Chasing the Hoopoe” is his first […]

A Garland of Verse – David Payne

David Payne (a 45-49)
A Garland of Verse

Publisher: Dianthus Publishing Ltd (October 2006)
ISBN: 0946604258

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Jaia or Just as I am – Marcus Cumberlege

Jaia by Marcus CumberlegeMarcus Cumberlege (d 52-56)
Jaia or Just as I am
Publisher: Jon Meyfroodt (June 2005)

ISBN: D200569941