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‘One of the last true cavalry charges’

Detail from 'The Dorset Yeomen at Agagia' by Lady Elizabeth Butler‘One of the last true cavalry charges’ is how the famous charge of the Dorset Yeomanry against a mixed Turkish and Senussi force in the Egyptian Western Desert has been described.  The battle took place 100 years […]

We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather

A series of charts recording the weather in Sherborne between 1874 and 1886 have been digitised and are now available online.

The daily reading taken at a weather station located at Sherborne School reveal the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ozone and rainfall during a period known as the Agricultural Depression.

Between 1873 and 1896 a series of […]


The Carmen sung by the boys of Sherborne School (QR code link)

Sing the Sherborne School song along with the boys of Sherborne School by scanning the QR code (left) or by visiting: Carmen Saeculare, sung by the boys of Sherborne School (mp3).  Words below:



The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

80 years ago, on 20 January 1936, King George V died and his son Edward VIII succeeded to the throne.  Edward’s reign was to last just 10 months.  As Prince of Wales, Edward VIII visited Sherborne School in 1923.

Read about the Prince’s visit to Sherborne.

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

‘The steaming Punch Bowl in our midst seemed the very spirit of Christmas and jollity.’

Read the full account of Christmas at Sherborne School in the days of Headmaster H.D. Harper (pdf).

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Posted 8 December 2015 by Sherborne School Archives.

Could you pass the 1922 Common Entrance Exam?

Boy studying at Sherborne School, 1958.

To find out, why not sit the exam today using copies of the 1922 Common Entrance Exam papers held in the School Archives.

Unfortunately, the School Archives only hold the exam papers and not the answers!

Visit […]

‘The most wonderful cricketer that ever held a bat’

GCCC logo‘The most wonderful cricketer that ever held a bat’ is how Lillywhite’s Cricketer’s Companion described one of England’s greatest cricketers, W.G. Grace, who died one hundred years ago on 23 October 1915.

W.G. Grace (1848-1915) may never have played on the Upper at Sherborne, but on 17 […]

Hot off the press: two new OS biographies

The biographies of two Old Shirburnians are published this month:  Prof: Alan Turing Decoded and John le Carré: The Biography.

Both biographies include research carried out by the authors in the School Archives.

'Prof: Alan Turing Decoded' by Dermot TuringIn Prof: Alan Turing […]

The Shirburnian 1859-2010 now available online

The Shirburnian, March 1859

Six hundred and fourteen back issues of The Shirburnian dating from 1859 to 2010 are now available online.

The Shirburnian replaced the first school magazine, King Edward’s Casket, which had been published irregularly during the Headmastership of the Rev. Ralph Lyon (1823-1845).  Described […]

The Battle of Britain and the Old Shirburnian who helped defend Sherborne

Spitfire thumbnailOn 30 September 1940, OS Spitfire pilot Squadron Leader Peter Devitt was in command of 152 Squadron based at RAF Warmwell when they were scrambled to intercept some 150 German bombers over Sherborne.  Devitt later recalled his horror at seeing their bombs falling on the old […]