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Celebrating the Matrons of the School San

International Women’s Day 2018 celebrates the achievements of women in all walks of life.  Today, we honour the unsung heroines of the School Sanatorium – the women who for over 130 years have cared for the boys of Sherborne School.

When one Matron of the San retired in 1924, the following tribute […]

Sherborne School’s Welsh Connection

When Hugo Daniel Harper (1821-1895) was appointed headmaster of Sherborne School in 1850 he brought with him 30 pupils from his former school, Cowbridge Grammar School in the Vale of Glamorgan, including Lewis Morris who went on to became a famous poet of the Anglo-Welsh school.

Harper, a graduate […]

Sherborne’s & the fight for women’s suffrage

To celebrate the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act (which gave the vote to women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification) we look here at the role local women played in the campaign for women’s suffrage: […]

Suffragette Soup?

From 1890 to 1893, the Dorset Suffragette Evelina Haverfield (1867-1920) lived at West Hall, an Elizabethan manor house at Folke near Sherborne, Dorset.  Three years earlier, in February 1887, Evelina (née Scarlett) had married Major Henry Wykeham Brook Tunstall Haverfield RA (1846-1895) and by 1890 they had two sons, John […]

Creating The Digby

Read Peter Currie’s account of founding The Digby boarding house in September 1964, Creating The Digby


Posted 29 January 2018 by Sherborne School Archives.

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Candler v Dick and the battle for the Calcutta Cup, 1938

The first live televised broadcast of a rugby match took place eighty years ago on 19 March 1938.  The match broadcast that day was the final round of what is now known as the Six Nations Championship but which was then played between the four Home Nations.

That year, England […]

The Halliday Cup

The Halliday Cup for music was presented to Sherborne School by Ronald James Rivers Halliday (1902-1963) in memory of his brother, Second Lieutenant Charles Graham Rivers Halliday (1897-1917) who was killed in action at Ypres on 13 June 1917.

Charles Graham Rivers Halliday was born on 28 June 1897 at Shawford, Hampshire.  […]

The Feast Day of St Emerenciana

The Feast Day of St Emerenciana (also known as St Emerentiana) is celebrated by the Catholic Church on 23 January.

Emerenciana was a foster sister of St Agnes and was stoned to death when she was found praying at Agnes’s tomb. She is often represented holding stones and lilies and is the […]

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Christmas celebrations at Sherborne School in the 1870s

This account of Christmas celebrations at Sherborne School in the 1870s was written by the daughter of Headmaster Hugo Daniel Harper:

‘Always on the night before the School broke up for the Christmas holidays we had a great festivity, much looked forward to by all of us, as well […]

Marley’s Ghost: Charles Dickens’ visit to Sherborne

‘Marley was dead: to begin with.  There is no doubt whatever about that.’  So, began Charles Dickens’s reading at Sherborne’s Literary and Scientific Institution on Thursday, 21 December 1854.

Read about Charles Dickens’ visit to Sherborne.

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