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Old Shirburnians and the British rule in India

An article published in the Old Shirburnian Society Annual Report in October 1898 reveals the large number of Old Shirburnians then working in India.

The article, entitled ‘Old Shirburnians in India‘, lists OS working in all areas of the government, the law, the Church and missionary work, the civil service, the […]

The Face of World War One

Photographs of Old Shirburnians commemorated in Sherborne School’s First World War Books of Remembrance have been used by artist Helen Marshall to create a digital mosaic of a British Army private killed during World War One.

The digital mosaic, which was commissioned by the BBC and can be seen outside Broadcasting House in London from 7-14 […]

1905 Sherborne Pageant Archive

Material from Sherborne School’s 1905 Sherborne Pageant archive is featured on ‘The Redress of the Past: Historical Pageants in Britain’ website.

The project, which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, is examining historical pageants in twentieth-century Britain.  Dr Tom Hulme of King’s College London has researched 60 pageants and […]

We will remember them: Lieutenant E. Mansel-Pleydell

Edmund Mansel-Pleydell (f 1903-1905)Edmund Mansel-Pleydell’s (f 1903-1905) name will be read out at the Tower of London this evening (30 September 2014) at sunset.  His name will be included amongst the names of 180 war dead read out by Dame Helen Mirren.  Drummer McKenna will play […]

Richard Attenborough and The Guinea Pig

In tribute to Lord Attenborough who died on 24 August 2014, aged 90, we remember the early days of his film career when he came to Sherborne School in 1948 with the Boulting Brothers to film The Guinea Pig.

For further information you can read an account of the filming of The Guinea Pig at Sherborne School. […]

We will remember them: 2nd Lieutenant R.C. Ross (b 1909-1912)

Today is the anniversary of the death of the first Old Shirburnian known to have been killed during the First World War: Ronald Campbell Ross (b 1909-1912).

Ronald Ross was a 2nd Lieutenant in The Royal Scots and was reported missing, presumed killed, after the battle of Le Cateau on 26 August 1914, aged just 19. […]

Commemoration Day: a tradition in the making

What is Commem?

When was the first Commem?

Has Commem changed much over the years?

To find out more visit: History of Commemoration Day (Commem) (pdf)

Films of Commem Days in the 1930s and 1940s can also be viewed on Sherborne School’s Youtube page

Posted 18 June 2014 by Sherborne School Archives.  Visit […]

A Brazilian Adventure: 1885 Style

In 1885, having just finished his second year studying law at Oxford University, Randle Holme decided to spend his summer vacation exploring the forests of Brazil.

Randle Fynes Wilson Holme (1864-1957) had attended Sherborne School (School House) from May 1878 to July 1883. He was a scholar and in 1882 was Head of School (look for his name […]

Sherborne’s D-Day Casualty

A.T.W. AustinToday, we commemorate the only Old Shirburnian known to have died during the Normandy Airborne landings on D-Day: Ambrose Theodore Wentworth Austin (g 37-41).

Lieutenant Austin of the 12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion was killed in action in Normandy on 6 June 1944 aged just 20.

His obituary in […]

What were these School badges awarded for?

John Garrett (a 48-52) has donated to the School archives his father’s collection of School badges, gym belts, caps and boater ribbons.

John’s father, Geoffrey Garrett (a 21-26), was obviously very proud of his collection and kept them in pristine condition mounted in a wooden case.

Here’s what we think they were awarded for, but do you […]