Chris Chataway, 1947

Chris Chataway, Sherborne School gym team, 1947

Today, 31 January, would have been the 86th birthday of Sir Christopher Chataway (1931-2014).

Chataway is remembered as a fine athlete.  During his lifetime he broke a number of world records, including in 1954 the 5,000 metres world record with a time of 13:51.6, and in 1955 in broke his own 3 mile world record with a time of 12:23.2

Chataway attended Sherborne School (Harper House, 1944-1949) where he showed an early interest in running and, despite being told “You’re the wrong shape, son”, went on to break the School record for both the mile and the half mile.

He represented Great Britain at the 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games, and in 1954 was awarded the first BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Perhaps less well known is that in 1960 Chataway was awarded the Nansen Refugee Medal for his part in organising the World Refugee Year campaign.  The campaign raised tens of millions of dollars and is said to have inspired later campaigns such as Live Aid in 1985.

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