St Olave’s Hart Street is one of those City of London churches so admired by John Betjeman and it provides an atmospheric setting for our annual carol service. Whilst in no way deflecting from the traditional format of lessons and carols, our service was enhanced with anthems sung beautifully by the St Olave Choral Scholars and by the guiding presence of the Rev Canon Andrew Wingfield Digby (h 69 and OSS President) and the Rev Rico Tice (h 84). Rico’s address on how his days at Sherborne saw him change from a mild sceptic to a firm believer left a deep impression on all those present.

As always it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, OS, parents current and past, but one of the great pleasures of the 2018 service was to meet several of you who have not previously attended an OS event – I do hope that we made you feel welcome and that you and many of your Sherborne friends will join us next year.