In 1903, the HMC (Head Masters’ Conference) set up the Common Entrance Examination Committee with the first Common Examination for Entrance to Public Schools held in 1904.

While today all candidates take English, Mathematics and Science, with optional French, Geography, German, Greek, History, Latin, Religious Studies and Spanish, in 1904 the first examinations comprised papers in English (Grammar, Composition and Literature), French (Grammar, Composition and Translation), Greek (Grammar, Composition and Translation), Latin (Grammar, Composition and Translation), Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, English History and Geography.  Scripture was added in the 1920s and a general Mathematics paper in 1954.  Science was not included until 1969.

The School Archives hold copies of some past Common Entrance Exam papers, with the earliest examples dating from 1922.  Unfortunately, the answers to the questions are not included!

Common Entrance Exam Papers, 29 & 30 June 1922:

Paper no.1, Latin translation

Paper no.2, Latin Grammar & Composition (p.1)

Paper no.2, Latin Grammar & Composition (p.2)

Paper no.3, English Composition & Literature

Paper no.4, English Grammar

Paper no.4x, Latin Verse, for Eton candidates only

Paper no.5, English History

Paper no.6, Geography

Paper no.7, Scripture

Paper no.8, Algebra

Paper no.9, Arithmetic

Paper no.10, Geometry (p.1)

Paper no.10, Geometry (p.2)

Paper no.11, French Translation

Paper no.11x, French Dictation

Paper no.12, French Grammar & Composition (p.1)

Paper no.12, French Grammar & Composition (p.2)