As we welcome all the new boys for their first day at Sherborne School, we wonder how many new (or old boys!) could pass the test set for new boys at the School in the 1960s?  How did you do?

New boys should be tested on some of the following points three weeks after their arrival at the School.


  • The Head of School: name, initials, House.
  • Heads of Houses.
  • School Prefects: name, initials, House.
  • Housemasters and their Houses.
  • House colours and Letter. (e.g. Lyon, dark blue, g)
  • Masters nicknames and initials.
  • School appointments:
    1. Captains of Rugger, Cricket, Hockey, Boxing, Gym, Fives, Squash, Tennis, Cross Country, Athletics, Golf.
    2. School Prefects duties: Chapel Prefect, Toey Prefect, Games Field Prefect, Library Prefect, School Buildings Prefect.
  • Master i/c Rugger, Cricket, Hockey, Boxing, Gym, Fives, Squash, Tennis, Cross Country, Athletics, Golf.
  • To be able to distinguish between Rugger, Cricket, Hockey colours; Major, Minor and House Colours. Also between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams of Major sports.
  • Ties associated with Major, Minor and House colours; School and House Prefects.
  • The position of the Houses and Landers, Freemans, Abbey Book Shop and Greenhill Bookshop.
  • Name of the Sanatorium Matron.
  • Carmen – two verses only, and who wrote it.
  • Chairman of the Governors.
  • Brief history of the School.
  • Rugger Song. When it is sung and by whom.
  • To know the School privileges.
  • To know the Societies – names only.
  • To know timings. (e.g. tea, chapel, dayroom inspection, etc.)
  • School rules. Also to know the golden rule – no boy shall do anything contrary to good order, decency and common sense.


  • Prefects names and initials.
  • Hall Keepers names.
  • Prefects and Hall Keepers privileges in the House and at School.
  • Names of the Housemasters children, dogs and cats.
  • Names of the House gardeners.
  • Matron’s name.
  • Dormitory names.
  • Names of people in the House on School teams.
  • Fagging – the point of fagging and requirements.
  • Fire exits.
  • Position of mains water, gas taps and electricity switch.
  • House motto.
  • House rules.

Apart from knowing the above, all new boys should be given a detailed tour of Sherborne so that they are familiar with the landmarks.

Posted 2 September 2019 by Sherborne School Archives.

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