The following account of a visit made by Sherborne School’s Field Society to Stonehenge on 28 September 1895 was published in The Shirburnian (November 1895):

The Field Society at Stonehenge, 28 September 1895.

‘On Saturday, September 28th the Field Society made an expedition to Stonehenge.  An expedition had been suggested in the summer term but had been crowded out by cricket and examination.

The Society was represented by about eighty members, including the Headmaster (F.B. Westcott), Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mr Wildman and Mr Crosthwaite. We left Sherborne at 12.13, most of us being provided with sandwiches &c., which were accounted for in the train.  We reached Salisbury a little before two and placed ourselves into vehicles of various sizes and descriptions.

When we reached Stonehenge, an excellent paper describing the position and arrangement of the stones, which had been written by Mr Wildman was read; and then the party wandered about a small section visiting the Cursus until it was time to return.

The drive back was most enjoyable and we reached Salisbury about six, had tea at the White Hart and reached Sherborne again at 8.15.’

The Field Society at Stonehenge, 28 September 1895.

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