The biographies of two Old Shirburnians are published this month:  Prof: Alan Turing Decoded and John le Carré: The Biography.

Both biographies include research carried out by the authors in the School Archives.

'Prof: Alan Turing Decoded' by Dermot TuringIn Prof: Alan Turing Decoded, Dermot Turing, Alan Turing’s nephew and fellow Old Shirburnian, takes a fresh look at the influences on Alan’s life and creativity, including the years he spent at Sherborne School. The official book launch was held at GCHQ in Cheltenham on 8 October 2015. For further information visit The History Press.

'John le Carré:The Biography' by Adam Sisman

For John le Carré: The Biography, Adam Sisman was given exclusive access to le Carré himself and to his private archive. To launch the biography Adam Sisman will be in conversation with Old Shirburnian and associate editor of The Observer, Robert McCrum, at the Watershed in Bristol on 18 October 2015.

John le Carré has also announced that in September 2016 his first work of non-fiction will be released. In The Pigeon Tunnel, le Carré will detail his real-life experiences of spying for MI5 and MI6.

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Posted 14 October 2015 by Sherborne School Archives.