John Warmington (1942-2019)

John Warmington, MA, Dip Lib, ALA, died suddenly in December 2019.

John was appointed Librarian at Sherborne School in 1985 and held the post for eleven years until 1996.  Previously, John was Deputy Librarian at Westminster College, Oxford, and held qualifications from the Universities of Southampton and Sheffield.

As a boy, John attended Edgarley Hall prep school near Glastonbury, where he was taught by OS David Cornwell (aka John le Carré).  John Warmington’s memories of his former teacher were included by Adam Sisman in his 2015 biography of le Carré: ‘German lessons in which Mr Cornwell told them about the 1944 plot against Hitler, and detailed how the Lord’s Prayer was worded in a Wehrmacht paybook. He seemed to know a great deal about the German army and about British monitoring of German radio broadcasts, which led the boys to suspect that he had been involved in intelligence in some way.’

John remained a familiar figure in Sherborne and in recent years was a member of the Sherborne Transport Action Group.

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Posted 9 January 2020 by Sherborne School Archives.

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