The Historic Library & Rare Book Collection at Sherborne School includes a section of legal texts.

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BLOUNT, Thomas (1618-1679)
A Law Dictionary and Glossary.
London, ‘In the Savoy’, 1717 (3rd ed.)
[This work has its place in the early history of English lexicography.  Originally published in 1656 (entitled ‘Glossographia’), it was considerably enlarged for this edition by William Nelson.  It gives an explanation and an etymology for a wide variety of terms; not all are strictly ‘legal’. It includes such matters as currency, weights and measures, place names.  It provides, incidentally, a guide to the use of English in Chaucer’s and Shakespeare’s periods]
Bookplate: James Bennett Freeland.
Inscribed: ‘Ja. Florance’

Constitutions and canons ecclesiastical, treated upon by the Bishop of London, president of the convocation for the province of Canterbury, and the rest of the bishops and clergie of the said province: and agreed upon with the King’s Majesties license in their synod begun at London, 1603 … and now published for the due observation of them, by His Majesties authority, under the great seal of England.
[Part of title page missing: London, Printed by the assigns of John Bill deceas’d: and by Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, 1683]

COKE, Sir Edward (1552-1634)
The Reports of Sir Edward Coke, Kt. Late Lord Chief Justice of England. Of divers resolutions and judgements given upon solemn arguments…
London, 1680 (2nd ed.)
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 17 February 1690, with ‘The Twelfth Part of the Reports’, for £1.10s.0d.

COKE, Sir Edward (1552-1634)
The Twelfth Part of the Reports of Sr. Edward Coke, Kt…
London, 1677 (2nd ed.)
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 17 February 1690, with ‘The Reports’, for £1.10s.0d.

COKE, Sir Edward (1552-1634)
A Book of Entries… concerning the practick part of the Laws of England.
London, 1671 (2nd ed.)
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 17 February 1690 for£2.17s.0d.

COKE, Sir Edward (1552-1634)
Institutes of the Laws of England.
3 volumes.
Vol. 1 (part 1): London, 1684 (9th ed.).
Vol.2 (part 2): London, 1681 (6th ed.).
Vol.3 (parts 3 & 4): London, 1680 (6th ed.).
[Vol. 2 of the ‘Institutes’ provides an insight into many aspects of 17th century society, for example, discussion of horse-trading markets, the book trade, houses of correction, etc.]
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 17 February 1690 for £2.5s.0d.

GIBSON, Edmund (1669-1748)
Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani: or, the Statutes, Constitutions, Canons, Rubricks and Articles of the Church of England.
London, J. Baskett, 1713 (1st ed.)
2 volumes
[For long regarded as the highest authority on English Church Law, these volumes give a comprehensive, well-organised, digest of all published legal instruments, relevant to a wide variety of ecclesiastical and related topics]
Acquired between 1695 and 1750; additional entry in original library catalogue.

SELDEN, John (1584-1654)
Mare Clausum, seu de Domino Maris.
London, 1635 (1st ed.)
[In this work, John Selden upholds the doctrine that waters contiguous to the coastline of a country should be solely under the dominion of that country]
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 2 July 1681 for 7s.0d.

SELDEN, John (1584-1654)
Titles of Honour.
London, 1672 (3rd ed.)
[This work sets out the nature, status, and historical explanation of all titles of distinction, including those in use in other European countries besides Britain]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for £1.3.0. Entry in original library catalogue.

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