Autumn gales on the eve of the 2018 Media Lunch threw the rail network into complete chaos. Would this result in our guests being unable to make it to the lunch? Not a bit of it!  Turnout was 100% and the party atmosphere was in full swing by the time Anne and I emerged from the carnage caused by the ‘revised’ timetable of South West Trains.  The Groucho remains the spiritual home of the OS Media and they always greet us warmly even if they find the enthusiastic singing of two verses of Latin somewhat eccentric. Peter Moeller (a 55) has the proud record of attending every Media Lunch since its inception in 2001 and hosted the event again in partnership with Richard Robinson (h 90). Both have has played such an important role in ensuring the lasting success of the event. No Media Lunch would be complete without a hilarious contribution from Charles Collingwood (h 60). As ever, great to see a blend of old and new faces – I hope we shall see you all again next year.