Nobody’s Perfect  
Anthony Lane

The collected reviews of Anthony Lane — one of the finest critics of his generation — are an exhilarating volume for fans both old and new. Nobody’s Perfect. the much anticipated collection from the New Yorker critic, brings together a generous selection of Lane’s film criticisms, profiles, book reviews, and essays on art and culture. In the manner of Edmund Wilson and Kenneth Tynan, Lane embraces high and low with equal gusto clearly having a marvellous time. Whether he’s writing about T. S. Eliot or Judith Krantz. Alfred Hitchcock or Andre Gide, to read him (or better yet. to reread him) is to be carried along on a current of passionate declamation and urgent inquiry, wry reflection and penetrating wit. Taken together, these pieces reflect some of the most brilliant writing and thinking to have graced the pages of the New Yorker. and  they impart a cultural and artistic literacy of the highest order