Whether you’re a wildlife specialist, an avid hunter, or an armchair veterinarian, Of Moose and Men provides a wealth of information about moose Of_Moose__Menfrom all corners of the world. Follow Jerry Haigh on his adventures with moose both tame and wild, and get an overview of moose biology, including their specialized diet and the relationship between sex and antlers — where size really does matter. The book also covers the history of moose on Earth and the marked fluctuations in populations that have occurred over time. There are accessible chapters on moose diseases, moose and traffic, moose as a resource, and the surprising uses of moose as pets and dairy animals.

Jerry Haigh is a veterinarian and the author of The Trouble with Lions and Wrestling with Rhinos. He has worked with numerous species, including elephants, wild dogs, polar bears, and moose. He lives near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Haigh is an energetic and entertaining story-teller who provides his reader that most delightful of sport: the armchair big game spotter.

Myrna Kostash, founding president of the Canadian Non-Fiction Collective

In Canada, the ratio of moose to the number of Glasgow vets who are expert in moose is roughly 1,000,000:1. Roughly, because no one is sure exactly how many moose there are — there is no uncertainty about the number of Glasgow vets with moose experience. If you want to learn a lot about the 1,000,000, and meet the 1, this is the book for you.

Jay Ingram, broadcaster and former host of Daily Planet.