Ramsam House, Greenhill, 1899

Ramsam House was used as a boarding house for Sherborne School from 1855-1860 and 1868-1890.

Ramsam House is named after Peter Ramsam, Abbot of Sherborne 1475-1504.  The building dates from between the late-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century.  In 1834, Ramsam House and Abbots Fee were owned by solicitor Charles Hutchings (Old Shirburnian and School Governor) who occupied Ramsam House and leased Abbots Fee to William Simon Penny (Old Shirburnian).  From 1855 to 1860 the Rev. J.T. Pearse boarded a few Sherborne School boys at the premises.  From 1861 to 1868, the house was run by John Kidd FRAS (c.1834-1891) as a private school, ‘The Sherborne Academy’.  In 1868, Ramsam House reverted to Sherborne School when the Rev. P.R. Clifton transferred his boarders there.  On Clifton’s death in June 1872 the house passed to the Rev. H.P. Price who built a Fives Courts behind the house.  Price argued with the Headmaster E.M. Young and in 1890 left Sherborne taking his boarders with him to Weymouth College.  From 1899 to 1902 the house was the first home of Sherborne Girls’ School.  During the Second World War, the building was taken over by the military authorities when it became known as ‘Ransome House’.  Later, the house was used by the Yeatman Hospital for extra accommodation for nurses.

Former pupils of Sherborne School who boarded at Ramsam House (Price’s house) include C.D. Baker, W.Y. Dawson, W.A.S. Edwards. G.A. Ellis, R.H. Kendle, A.W.F. Sayres, C. Vincent.

House colours: blue & black (later used by Lyon House).

1855-1860            Rev. John Thomas Pearse (1829-1912)
[1861-1868          Sherborne Academy, run by John Kidd (c.1834-1891)]
1868-1872            Rev. Percival Robert Clifton (1835-1872)
1872-1890            Rev. Hugh Penderel Price (OS) (1844 -1902)


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