Critchell Bullock at Chesterfield Inlet, 1925.

Critchell Bullock at Chesterfield Inlet, 1925.

Modern day adventurer Carsten Iwers has this week been carrying out research in the Sherborne School Archives into an expedition made through the Canadian Sub-Arctic in 1924/25 by Old Shirburnian James Critchell Bullock (Lyon House 1913-1916).  In 1950, Critchell Bullock donated to Sherborne School a collection of diaries, letters and photographs made during the expedition, and Carsten, who will be setting off to the region later this year, hopes to find some of the locations identified by Critchell Bullock.

Stunning photographs of Carsten’s previous expeditions to the Sub-Arctic region can be viewed on his website North of 60

Further information about the Critchell Bullock archive

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Posted 11 May 2017 by Sherborne School Archives.

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