The first of this year’s Business Breakfasts was held at Stephenson Harwood LLP, courtesy of current parent Lisa Marks.

Over 70 OS and parents were privileged to hear Alistair Harris (h 92) OBE, CEO of ARK and The Stabilisation Network talk about his insights into the current crises facing the world, from bad governance, immigration, and climate change to the dangers posed by Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and beyond.

After 17 years working in conflict zones from Northern Ireland and the Balkans to Afghanistan, the West Bank and Lebanon, he strives to respond to crises in a way that reconciles the human security needs of local communities with the national security concerns of ARK’s predominantly governmental clients. Having worked on the ground as a war crimes investigator, specialising in the identification and detention of fugitives from justice, he is also driven by the need to promote accountability and prevent conflict before it tears communities apart. Learning Bosnian as a young diplomat and experiencing ethno-sectarian and confessional conflict first hand, he has committed himself to partnering with local communities and international actors to reduce the impact of violent conflict and extremism.

As Rupert Rucker (g 85) wrote, “It is so rare to listen to a speaker with his amount of knowledge who is so insightful, fluent, succinct and wonderfully deprecating. I learnt a huge amount.”