1905 Sherborne Pageant Album presented to L.N. Parker

1905 Sherborne Pageant Album presented to L.N. Parker

The Sherborne Pageant was performed at Sherborne Old Castle between the 12 and 16 June 1905.  Over 800 performers took part in six performances and it is estimated that it was attended by 30,000 visitors.

Sherborne School was involved in all aspects of the Sherborne Pageant.  The script was written by Louis Napoleon Parker (1852-1944), a former Director of School Music, with James Rhoades (1841-1923), a former master at the School, and Walter Raymond  (1852-1931).  The choral score was composed by Louis Napoleon Parker, Archibald Frank Tester (1882-1925), then organist and piano teacher at Sherborne School, and Clive Carey (1883-1968), a former pupil of the School who later became famous as an opera producer and folk song collector. Much of the artwork, including the posters and programme covers, was designed by the School’s art master Henry Hudson (1864-1943).

Sherborne School holds the largest collection of material relating to the 1905 Sherborne Pageant.  The collection comprises scripts, scores, programmes, photographs, publicity material, postcards and souvenirs, press cuttings, publications and audio-visual material.  In 1943, L.N. Parker gave Sherborne School two albums that had been presented to him in 1905, one containing photographs of the Pageant and the other signatures of those who took part.

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