R.C.S. Dick, most-capped Shirburnian.

Having enjoyed a fantastic weekend of rugby, here are some Sherborne international rugby stats you might enjoy:

Who are the most-capped Shirburnians?

How many international rugby appearances have Shirburnians made?

  • 56 caps for England.
  • 19 caps for Scotland.
  • 5 caps for Wales
  • 3 caps for Ireland.

Which is Sherborne’s most-capped house?

  • Abbey comes top with 22 caps – 15 for England, 3 for Ireland, 2 for Scotland and 2 for Wales.
  • School House are second with 18 caps – 14 for Scotland and 4 for England.
  • Abbeylands are third with 15 caps for England.
  • The Green and day boys are fourth with 9 caps each for England.
  • Westcott are fifth with 6 caps – 3 for England and 3 for Scotland.
  • Harper are sixth with 3 caps – 1 for England and 2 for Wales.
  • Price’s (a former house on Greenhill) are seventh with 1 cap for Wales.

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