Ski 2 Freedom FoundationThe Ski 2 Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded by Catherine Cosby, mother of a profoundly disabled daughter and an enthusiastic winter sports supporter, wife of Rick (d 60-65), mother of Max (c 02-07) and Archie (c 05-). Launched this season the aim is to help people with disabilities (even those skiers who have a hip replacement are now using the sit-ski!) to enjoy access to all winter sports, where previously they may have found it difficult or impossible to pursue their interests and find the relevant information.

As a multi-national Information Portal providing disabled people in Europe, UK and worldwide with the most comprehensive, free information resource on all winter sport activities and locations both in Europe and worldwide Ski 2 Freedom will open up many more opportunities and allow a far greater freedom of choice.

Whether one wishes to ski independently, with friends, with family, as part of the university or school ski club, whether for leisure or rehabilitation – whatever the situation we hope that our Information Service will enable someone to do what most of us take for granted!

If you or someone you know has first-hand experience of skiing with a disability this information would be extremely useful in helping us to expand our database of opportunities and encourage others. We would also be delighted to discuss with you ways in which your support could enhance and further the work of the Foundation.

For more information please contact: