Preface Contributors Vera CostantInI, An Old Location’s New Life: Early-Ottoman Lefkoşa Recep Dündar, Nicosia according to the Population and Taxation Survey of 1572 Mehmet Akİf Erdoğru, The New Status Quo of the Monasteries of Cyprus after the Ottoman Conquest Mehmet Demİryürek, The Price of the Faith: Mukataa-i Patrikiyye-i Cezire-i Kıbrıs and Mukataa-i Şemʻhâne (1572-1612) Styliani N. LepIda, NicosiaThe Capital City of an Ottoman Province in the Seventeenth Century Mustafa Öztürk, Cypriot Houses and Life at Home in the 17th Century Kemal Çİçek, A Quest for Justice in a Mixed Society: The Muslims and the Orthodox Cypriots Before the Sharia Court of Nicosia Alİ Efdal ÖzkUl, Inter-communal Relations in Cyprus under Ottoman Rule in the 18th Century IoannIs P. TheoharIdes, The Revenues of the Vali of Nicosia accorging to a firman of 1706 TheoharIs StavrIdes, Ottoman Nicosia Besieged: Sieges and Blockades of Nicosia in the Long Eighteenth Century Elnur Agayev, Ottoman Nicosia from the Perspective of the Russian Monk and Traveller Vasili Grigorovich Barsky Euphrosyne Rizopoulou-EgoumenIdou, An Alternative Ethnology: Lifestyle and Behavior of the Orthodox Elite in Ottoman Nicosia, 1775-1821 MIchalIs N. MIchael, Dependency/Autonomy, Power and Ideologies in Ottoman Nicosia at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century Mehmet Demİryürek and Hakan Yazar, Nicosia according to the Census of 1831 IoannIs MoutsIs, Education in Ottoman Nicosia: In Quest for Modernity Stephen Boys Smith, Thomas Sandwith: A Consul’s View of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Cyprus Gökhan Kaya, Some Characteristics of the Population of NicosiaDuring the Early Period of British Rule

Edited by Mehmet Demiryürek, Stephen Boys Smith, Michalis N. Michae,l Ali Efdal Özkul
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2019 416 p.