Charlie Lush Book CoverThe first of a six-volume autobiography, this volume takes us through the first sixteen years of the life of artist, author and media personality Baron Charlie Lush. After a stormy start, which saw him leaving the family home at the age of five and seeking refuge in a castle, a spell with his grandparents provided some stability before he was whisked away to a boarding school on the coast of Yorkshire where the regime was as bracing as the breeze that drifted in off the cold North Sea. Nevertheless, five years at Bramcote transformed a shy and reclusive boy into a confident and successful achiever fully prepared for the next stage of his education at Sherborne in the more temperate climate of Dorset where he continued to develop his talents while trying to stay out of trouble. Indeed, such was the life he enjoyed there school for him became a sanctuary from all the problems at home until it was time to set out on the next leg of his journey rather sooner than expected.

Drawing evidence from a number of letters, journals and diaries, Baron Lush provides us with a refreshing insight into the life and loves of a somewhat unusual schoolboy educated in the British private system. This volume surely sets the tone for what would follow over the next forty years in a turbulent but immensely creative and interesting life.

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