The CarmenOlim fuit monachorum
Schola nostra sedes;
Puer regius illorum
Fecit nos heredes;
Hoc in posteros amoris
Grande dedit signum;
Sonet ergo Fundatoris
Nomen laude dignum;
Vivat Rex Eduardus Sextus!

Ergo dum verenda mole
Cana perstat aedes,
Dum recenti gaudet prole
Monachorum sedes,
Stimulet certamen ludi,
Suadeat laboris,
In sigillo sculptum rudi
Nomen Fundatoris
Vivat Rex Eduardus Sextus!

A number of OS have asked for a translation and we are grateful to Christopher Knott for this:

Long ago our school was the abode of monks;
A boy-king made us their heirs
And gave this great mark of his love for posterity.
So let the Founder’s name, deserving of praise, resound:
Long Live King Edward the Sixth!
While the venerable pile of the ancient church still stands,
While the abode of the monks continues to take pleasure in the new generation,
Let the Founder’s name, engraved on a rough seal,
Encourage rivalry at play, urge rivalry at work.
Long Live King Edward the Sixth!

The Carmen, originally in five verses, was composed for Commemoration in 1887. The words were written by the Revd Edward Mallet Young (Headmaster) and the music composed by Louis Napoleon Parker (Director of Music).