The Gospel According to PaulActs of the Apostles quotes St Paul’s famous: “I appeal to Caesar!” and devotes two whole chapters to his sea journey to Rome. Then the story fizzles out. What happened next? One third of the way through Acts, St Peter miraculously escapes from prison. He is not mentioned again. What happened to him? As for Jesus’ Chosen “Twelve” Disciples, What really happened, in truth? Christian history was written by the winners, and Jesus’ followers contended for power and glory. The infighting was ferocious. Paul was the most vicious; he cursed many, excommunicated some, derided “super-apostles”, and abused others as dogs, savage wolves, servants of Satan, deceitful and false evildoers. He even told some of his Christian brothers to castrate themselves! Paul began a revolution, the greatest in World History. He changed the faith of Jesus into faith in Christ. He transformed the Jesus of History into the Christ of Faith.

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