The embroidered curtain presented to Sam Hey in 1951 by The Green.

In 1951, on his retirement as housemaster of The Green, Sam Hey (1904-1977) was presented with an embroidered curtain.








The curtain, which measures 208 cm long x 115 cm wide, was signed by every boy in The Green and their signatures, along with garden flowers, were embroidered onto the curtain by Sam Hey’s mother, Lucretia (‘Lula’) Caroline Hey.

After his retirement from The Green, Sam Hey and his mother moved to ‘Greenroyd’, a house Sam had built for them in Horsecastles Lane, Sherborne.

The following signatures have been identified on the embroidered curtain:
Denison Alan Allport (c 1951-1956)
Brian Axworthy Ashby ( 1948-1952)
Michael Ernest Barden (c 1947-1952)
Neil Gilbert Barden (c 1949-1954)
Colin Henry Peter Bass (c 1949-1952)
Thomas Humphrey Beckett (c 1946-1951)
Peter John Hilton Bentley (c 1948-1953)
Ian Ernest Bishop (c 1947-1952)
Clive Hildyard Caple (c 1949-1951)
Edward Neville Combe (c 1949-1954)
Brian Noel Kittredge Davis (c 1947-1951)
Anthony Frederick Napleton Dew (c 1950-1956)
David James Dixon (c 1948-1952)
Michael John Evans (c 1947-1951)
Frank Christopher Facey (c 1948-1952)
Nicholas Alexander Buchanan Gray (c 1950-1955)
Richard Brian Gybbon-Monypenny (c 1948-1952),
William York Gybbon-Monypenny (c 1950-1953),
Roger Anthony Haines (c 1951-1955)
Patrick Hallam (c 1946-1950)
Richard Martin Harrison (c 1949-1954)
John Patrick Roger Hayes (c 1949-1952)
Timothy Robert Marcroft Hayward (c 1951-1955)
Victor Philip Henry Higgs (c 1947-1951)
Michael James Pryce Hughes (c 1949-1951)
William Peter Crompton Humphreys-Davies (c 1951-1956)
Anthony Robert Wallace Ingpen (c 1947-1952)
Charles King Irwin (c 1951-1955)
Anthony George Jefferies (c 1949-1953)
Ernest Christopher Johnson (c 1950-1954)
Philip Neville Kemp (c 1948-1952)
David Wilson Kenyon (c 1949-1953)
Michael James Kenyon (c 1951-1955)
John Alexander Lloyd (c 1950-1954)
Robert George Long (c 1950-1955)
Alan Robert Lowe (c 1948-1951)
Kenneth Alexander Maclean (1950-1955)
Nicholas John Manson (c 1949-1954)
Frederick Pengelly Nichols (c 1951-1956)
William Pengelly Nichols (c 1951-1955)
Charles Anthony Norris (c 1948-1952)
Michael William Tomson Nott (c 1950-1954)
Peter Murray Stirling Paffard (c 1949-1951)
Patrick John Palmer (c 1951-1953)
John Michael Pepper (c 1948-1953)
Peter Charles Fenton Pettit (c 1949-1954)
Anthony Wymyss Vousden Purcell (c 1947-1952)
John Richard Selby (c 1949-1952)
Guy Malcolm Slade (c 1948-1953)
Graeme John Coombe Spurway (c 1946-1951)
Peter Berry Steege (c 1947-1951)
Jan Stephens (c 1949-1954)
Philip George Stephens (c 1950-1954)
John Michael Arthur Talbot (c 1948-1953)
Charles Leigh Tarver (c 1946-1951)
Michael Theodore Teape-Fugard (c 1946-1951)
Michael Longdon Sandby Thomas (c 1947-1952)
James William Tong (c 1946-1951)
Brian William Turner (c 1949-1953)
Ian Graeme Tweedie (c 1947-1952)
Michael Ernest Underdown (c 1948-1953)
Robert Darnley Stewart Walker (c 1951-1955)
John William Rowland Weston (c 1950-1954)
Brian Philip Wilmot (c 1947-1951)
Robert Ainslie Wilson (c 1951-1955)
L.E.C. Bruce (Assistant master 1947-1977)

The Green, 1951.

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