Shirburnians have a long tradition of remembering their own.  At the east end of the School chapel is a memorial recording the names of the twelve Old Shirburnians who lost their lives in the South African War of 1899-1902.  The names of those Old Shirburnians who fell in the First (approx. 221) and Second World Wars (approx. 242) are incised into the walls of the ante-chapel, designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, and are also recorded in the Books of Remembrance.

We will remember them.

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South African War Roll of Honour (1899-1902)

FLOWER-ELLIS, Thomas Flower

First World War Roll of Honour

ABBOTT, Edward John White │  BARRY, Nathaniel James Merriman │ BENNETTS, Eric Augustine │ BETTS, Conrad Coryton │  BLENCOWE (GOTTWALTZ), Ernest Cecil Blencowe │ BROOKE, Gerald Douglas │  CARD, Stormont Hays │  CHATTERIS, Tom Brodie │ CUSTANCE, Gustavus William Musgrave | EAGAR, Denis Geoffrey │ EAGAR, Francis Russell │  EDWARDS, Borlase │  EGERTON, Brian Raleigh │  FITCH, Douglas │  FOLLIOTT, John │  HERBAGE, Sydney Harold Wilfred │  HYLAND, Herbert Bright | JACKSON-TAYLOR, John Curzon │  JEFFREYS, William Stanley Goldsmith │  KITSON, Edward Gerard Templeman  │ LUARD, Edward Bourryau │ MORITZ, Oscar Frank │ PRICHARD, Richard Gerald Maunsell |  SMITH, Vivian Norman |  SPURWAY, George Vyvyan | SPURWAY, Richard Popham | STACKE, Oliver George Norman | TUCKER, Alan Robert Lloyd | TUKE, Arthur Harrington Seymour | TURRELL, Henry Gifford | VACHER, George Herbert |  WARNER, Arnold Ashton Justice | WARNER, Clive Wynard | WHITFORD-HAWKEY, Antony Henry |  WICKINGS-SMITH, Basil Guildford |  YOUNG, Frederick Sidney Newman

 Second World War Roll of Honour

ADAMS, Hugh Charles | ANDERSON, Alexander William | ARCHDALE, Michael Mervyn Lyon | BEAL, David Charles |  BRENDON, John Woodville | BROWNE, John Geoffrey Stewart |  CAMERON, Peter Weatherdon Grant |  CLEEVE, Desmond Maxwell | COOPER, Nicholas Aitken | DAY, James |  DONNE, Michael Stephen | FORD (ST CLAIR FORD), James Richard | HATTON HALL, Hubert Christopher |  HAWTREY, Roger | HOGG, William Hallam John | HORSFALL, Thomas Middlebrook | HUGHES, George Pryce | HUMPHREYS-DAVIES, Anthony Wenham |  JACKSON-TAYLOR, Philip Stuart | KENT, John Christopher | LEIGH-CLARE, Howard Harry John | LOCHORE, John Alexander | MAXWELL, Alan Haigh |  MORITZ, John Rudolph |  NICHOLS, Thomas Frederick |  OGILVIE, Donald Gordon |  PEARN, Peter Francis Cory | PECK, Geoffrey Fairfax | STREET, Charles Arthur | WALKER, Denzil Philip | YEO, Michael Thomas Russell

Lives Lost in Service (1919-1939, 1946 to date)

EARLE, Michael |  PEARN, Peter Ronald Gillespie |  PURCELL, Anthony Wymer Vousden |  WARNER, Charles Thornton

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