Orford_Ness_Book_CoverThe secrets of Orford Ness have long excited enormous interest. It played a role in our military history comparable with Bletchley Park, from early days of the RFC through to crucial tests on nuclear bombs.The last trial was for a post-Falklands War weapon in the mid-1980s.

Watson Watt began his first experiments on radar on Orford Ness, leading to the opening of nearby Bawdsey Manor.

The author, Paddy Heazell, has used unpublished material from the National Archives as well as copious material that we have acquired, to tell a remarkable story. Research projects were often cloaked in mystery with unlikely ‘cover stories’.

Paddy Heazell was a Russian translator in the Royal Navy during his military service, then studied History at Queens’, Cambridge.

He went on to teach and served as headmaster to three schools during his career. He is currently a volunteer warden and research historian at Orford Ness and he has devoted this time to uncovering all the secrets that this unique site has to offer. He has written for ‘The Telegraph’ and appeared on the ‘One Show’ in 2009. He lives in Suffolk and is available for talks on Orford Ness.

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