The Shirburnian, March 1859

Six hundred and fourteen back issues of The Shirburnian dating from 1859 to 2010 are now available online.

The Shirburnian replaced the first school magazine, King Edward’s Casket, which had been published irregularly during the Headmastership of the Rev. Ralph Lyon (1823-1845).  Described as ‘spicily personal’, it ended its days with a violent fight between two of the contributors.

The first edition of The Shirburnian was published in March 1859 and was devised as an outlet for its [the School’s] wit, and also an easy means of printing all its news, both as regards those of us who are here and those who have left’.

Although the initial run was short-lived, it was resurrected in 1864 and published continuously from that year until 2010.

Former editors of The Shirburnian have included Alec Waugh, Cecil Day-Lewis, Michael McCrum, Hugh Swynnerton Thomas, Stanley Johnson, Richard Eyre and Tim Heald.

The rules of the magazine published in the first edition of March 1859:

  1. That the Shirburnian be published on the first day of every Month during the half year.
  2. That no contributions be received from anyone who is not, or has not been a Member of the King’s School, Sherborne.
  3. That no anonymous contributions be received, but that the full name be enclosed in a sealed envelope, which will not be opened if the contribution be rejected.
  4. That all communications be addressed “To the Editor of the Shirburnian, King’s School, Sherborne, Dorset.”
  5. That all discussions of a Religious or Political nature, and also Personalities, be excluded.
  6. That every contribution be the bona fide production of the contributor.
  7. That no unfinished articles be received; but if a long Story be intended to appear in continuous number, that the whole be sent in at once.

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Posted 24 September 2015 by Sherborne School Archives.