The White House, Holyhead is the eighth title in the highly- acclaimed Novella Nostalgia series of modern stories inspired by iconic films.

Available to purchase on Amazon from 15 October 2019, The White House, Holyhead is based on the 1942 classic Casablanca, one of the world’s best-loved movies. Set in World War Two, the film tells the story of casino owner (Humphrey Bogart) who must choose between love for his old flame (Ingrid Bergman) and helping her and her husband escape from Casablanca and the Nazis.

Written by crime fiction author R. M. Cartmel, The White House, Holyhead sets the story in 2039 with the nation in the grip of a post-Brexit shambles. Scotland and Ireland are independent, England has broken into five independent areas and Holyhead, off the coast of Anglesey in Wales, has become an escape route to Ireland and America, providing the traveller has a vital visa.

In the midst of all this chaos, can a nostalgic piece of piano music played in a Welsh gastropub rekindle a university romance? Shane, an Australian, has reached north Wales from Cambridge and acquired ‘The White House’, a pub-cum-casino. He is accompanied by Ali who constantly plays a piece of piano music entitled Layla which Shane cannot bear to listen to.

The tension mounts when Jenny arrives in Holyhead with her husband Andrew Grant who is fleeing authority. Shane has two visas in his safe. Seduced by Jenny, he realises that he is her only passport to freedom.

As the piano music lingers on, Shane is faced with a heartrending choice. Should he keep this seductive woman whom he loves by his side or lose her to an airship going to America?

The White House, Holyhead is the sixth work of fiction by R. M. Cartmel, a former GP from Peterborough, and the first he has written for the Novella Nostalgia series. He is the author of a Burgundy trilogy of detective novels set in France and two other novels, 50 Miles From Anywhere (2016) and North Sea Rising (2018). As well as writing fiction, R. M. Cartmel is a wine connoisseur and blues music aficionado.

Novels in the Novella Nostalgia series have been variously described as ‘truly compelling’, ‘gripping’ and ‘unputdownable’.

The White House, Holyhead is available in paperback through Amazon at £5.99 (click here to purchase paperback) or as a Kindle Edition at £1.99 (click here to purchase Kindle edition)  from 14 October.

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