The_Expedition_-_To_The_Brink_-_Jason_LewisWe re-join The Expedition for its third and final instalment with Jason, now seasoned explorer, and April, American schoolteacher at sea for the first time, battling to keep their tiny pedal-powered boat Moksha from being dashed against Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Crossing the infamous Coral Sea they’ve endured towering waves, gale-force winds, and rogue currents pushing them off course for days at a time. On her thirtieth consecutive day of seasickness and now haemorrhaging blood, April is in urgent need of medical treatment. But in the uncharted waters north of Cape Flattery, far from coastguard assistance, what hope is there?

Even if they survive, Jason faces untold hazards to complete the first journey around the world using only human power. Waterless deserts. Staggering mountains. Seaborne pirates. Extremist hotspots. And there is still the burning question he set himself at the beginning, the one driving him forward over the years that will take him To The Brink for the answer…

This book will be released in the UK in mid 2013.