The second week in February is the traditional week for the OSS to undertake a vigorous tour of universities up and down the breadth of the country. We started the week with a journey up to Manchester where, in conjunction with Sherborne Girls, we hosted a bar evening in the Cosy Club. A quick drive down to Birmingham the following day got us there in good time to catch up with the latest news from OS students from Birmingham and Aston over lunch in the Pitcher and Piano. It was then eastward bound for an evening at Browns in Cambridge where we met a cheerful bunch of young OS thoroughly enjoying life in that beautiful city. The only slight low-water mark of the week was Wednesday morning’s drive round the ghastly M25 to link up with M3 to Southampton. However, all gloom vanished as soon as we were in the lively company of our undergraduates on the south coast. It is good news to report that university life seems to suit OS extremely well. All of them seem very self-motivated workwise but also find time for sport, music and other leisure activities. It is great that they are thriving with life after Sherborne!