The Usher or Lower Master at Sherborne School was an official appointed by the School Governors, independent of the Headmaster.  He must be at least a BA of Oxford or Cambridge and might be in Holy Orders.  The office was abolished under the New Scheme in 1871.  This Scheme entirely altered both the personnel and the status of the School Governors and transferred the Visitorial Power from the Bishop of Bristol to the Sovereign, to be exercised only through and by the Charity Commissioners.  Along with abolishing the post of Usher it also did away with the Foundationers (local boys who received free education and free books).

Ushers of Sherborne School

Years employed as UsherName and biographical information
1560Henry Bagwell (-1584).
BA, 13 July 1530. Regular canon of the order of St Austin, of St Mary’s College, Oxford. Rector of Bishop’s Hatfield, December 1559-1584. Rector of Hertingford, 1584. Died 1584.
1561-1563John Martin.
BA, Fellow of University College, Oxford. Rector of Somerton.
1564-1565Thomas Penye.
1565-1569George Holman (-1580).
BA. Vicar of Sherborne 1566-1580. Died in 1580 and buried in Sherborne Abbey.
1569-1570Nicholas Buckler.
BA, St Alban Hall, Oxford.
1570-1572Hammet Hyde.
BA. Rector of Bishop’s Caundle, 1589.
1572-1573Walter Bloboll/Blobelle/Bloball (c.1553-1618).
Baptised in Sherborne on 16 October 1553. BA. Ordained a priest in 1573. Rector of Poyntington 1575-1618. Buried in Poyntington Church on 15 January 1618.
1573-1575John Elford.
1581[?] Wornell.
1582-1584Philip Morris (c.1561-).
Born in Herefordshire. BA, Lincoln College, Oxford.
1585-1589Laurence Fuller.
BA, Magdalen Hall, Oxford. Rector of Nicholaston, Glamorganshire, 1588.
1589-1595John Rooke.
1595-1603William More.
MA, Gloucester Hall, Oxford.
1603Hugh Gurgayne (1571-1620).
Born in 1571 in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, son of John Gurgayne. MA, Trinity College, Oxford, 1597. Acted for a short time as Headmaster. He died on 11 February 11 1620 in Virginia.
1605-1611George Harrison (c.1584-).
Born in Dorset c.1584. BA, St Mary Hall, Oxford, 1604/5.
1611-1625George Gardner (c.1588-).
Born in Dorset c.1588. BA, Exeter College, Oxford, 1608/9. Ordained a deacon and a priest in 1625. Rector of Bryanston, 1626.
1625-1629Randell/Randle Calcott (c.1606-).
Son of Thomas Calcott of Calcott, Chester.
MA, Magdalen Hall, Oxford. D.D. 1648. Rector of Hayes, Middlesex.
1629Richard Camplin (c.1603-).
Born in Somerset c. 1603. MA, St Mary Hall, Oxford. Assistant Master at Sherborne since 1623. Ordained a deacon and a priest in 1630. Preacher throughout the diocese of Bath & Wells 1631.
1630-1635John Jacob.
BA, Merton College, Oxford.
1635-1638John Michell/Michaell (c.1615-).
Son of Henry Michaell of St Michael’s Gussage, Dorset.
MA, Balliol College, Oxford. Proctor in Oxford University 1645. Incorporated at Cambridge 1653. Ordered to officiate at Cottisford, Oxfordshire, in 1647 by the Westminster Assembly, and perhaps ejected from the rectory of Langton Matravers in 1661.
1638-1647John Fyler/Filer.
BA, Balliol College, Oxford, 1628. Curate of Cranborne, 1632.
1647-1664Thomas Martin (1626-) (OS).
Son of John Martin of Sherborne. Attended Sherborne School c. 1635. MA, Pembroke College, Oxford.
1664-1667Jonathan Gray/Grey.
1667John Walker.
MA, Demy of Magdalen College, Oxford.
1667-1675William Plowman (c.1648-1712) (OS).
Son of Thomas Plowman of Sherborne. Attended Sherborne School. MA, Magdalen College, Oxford. Vicar of Abbotsbury 1674-1694. Rector of Winterbourne Steepleton 1694. Rector of Winterbourne Came 1696. Rector of Long Bredy 1701. Died on 20 October 1712 and buried in Long Bredy.
1675-1682Peter Blanchard (1647-).
Baptised at East Stour on 12 December 1647, son of Peter Blanchard. BA, Magdalen College, Oxford, 1670. Rector of Winterbourne Monkton, 1680-1724.
1682-1695Abraham Forrester (c.1659-).
Son of Abraham Forrester of Tiverton, Devon. BA, Christ Church, Oxford, 1681.
1695Robert Forrester (1663-1695) (OS).
Son of Robert Forrester of Sherborne. Attended Sherborne School c.1675. BA, Trinity College, Oxford, 1684/5. Died before 14 October 1695, buried in Sherborne Abbey.
1695-1718John Butt (1675-1748) (OS).
Son of Francis and Marie Butt of Sherborne. Attended Sherborne School c.1686. MA, Trinity College, Oxford. Ordained a deacon 1702. Ordained a priest 1706. Usher at Sherborne School 1695-1718. Rector of Goathill 1708-1748. Vicar of Milborne Port 1718-1748. Died 18 June 1748.
1718-1723Edward Cozens/Cosens (c.1689-1753).
Son of Richard Cozens of Castle Cary, Somerset. BA, Queen’s College, Oxford. MA, Magdalen College, Oxford. Ordained a deacon 1712. Ordained a priest 1712. Usher at Sherborne School 1718-1723. Curate at Brympton. Rector of Yarlington 1723. Died December 1753.
1723-1728John Gaylard (1690-1743).
Born in 1690 son of George and Joane Gaylard of Sherborne. Baptised in Sherborne on 9 September 1690. MA, Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Perpetual Vicar of Winsford 1714. Usher of Sherborne School 1723-1728. Master of Wells Grammar School 1728-1733. Headmaster of Sherborne School 1733-1743. Buried at Haydon on 27 June 1743.
1728-1737James Martin (1707-1757).
Son of John Martin of London, clerk [possibly John Martin (1673-1717) (OS) vicar of Longburton with Holnest 1696-1712, Rector of Lillington 1712-1718, Rector of Folke 1713-1718]. St Mary Hall, Oxford, matriculated 22 December 1722, aged 14. BA 1728. Appointed vicar of Milton Abbas on 2 September 1737 and headmaster of Milton Abbas School on 13 September 1737. [?Domestic chaplain to Thomas Hamilton, 7th Earl of Haddington, 1742-1750]. Buried at Milton Abbas on 3 December 1757.
1737-1760James Thomas (1713-1760).
Son of David Thomas of Erlestoke, Wiltshire. Baptised in Erlestoke on 18 September 1713. MA, Church Church, Oxford, 1737. Ordained a deacon in 1736 and a priest in 1738. Died in 1760 and buried in Sherborne on 4 February 1760.
1760-1766William Sharpe (1724-1783).
Son of John Sharpe of Houghton-le-Spring, co. Durham. Baptised at Houghton on 28 April 1724. MA, University College, Oxford, 1749. Ordained a deacon in 1747 and a priest in 1750. Curate of Leaden Roding, Essex, 1748. Usher at Sherborne School 1760-1766. Vicar of Longburton with Holnest 1763-1783. Author of Treatise upon Coal Mines (1769) and An Appendix to a Treatise on Coal Mines (1770), in which he documented attempts to find coal in the environs of Sherborne. Buried at Houghton-le-Spring, co. Durham on 7 December 1783. Famously mentioned in Hutchins, Dorset iv, 134: ‘it is said of Mr Sharpe that while he lived at Sherborne School he frequently took the exercise of walking in the church, into which there was a door from his house. One night the sexton coming in and seeing him in his dressing gown, was so frightened that he went home, took to his bed, and died.’
1766-1779John Bristed (-1783).
MA, Clare College, Cambridge. Ordained a deacon 1719 and a priest 1720. Rector of St Ann’s, St Peter’s and St Mary’s Westout, Lewes, 1725-1742. Rector of Slaugham 1749. Domestic chaplain to Edward Cressett, Bishop of Llandaff 1749. Usher at Sherborne School 1766-1779. Died January 1783 and buried in Sherborne on 31 January 1783. M.I. in Sherborne Abbey.
1779-1780Robert Pargeter (c.1759-1803).
Son of Robert Pargeter of Buckingham. BA Demy Magdalen College, Oxford. Usher at Sherborne School 1779-1780. Died in London on 20 February 1803.
1780-1790William Glasspoole (c.1755-1798).
Son of William Glasspoole of Winchester. MA & Fellow of New College, Oxford. Rector of Newton Longville. Curate of Haydon. Died 1798.
1790-1801James Knight Moor (c.1767-1810).
Son of Rev. Christopher Moor. Attended Rugby School. MA, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Ordained a deacon, 1789. Curate of Winterbourne Abbas 1790. Usher at Sherborne School 1790-1801. Curate of Sydling, Dorset. Curate of Oborne. Rector of Sapcote, Leics. 1807. Gave assistance to Richard Gough in the republication of Hutchins’ History of Dorset (2nd ed., 1815). Died at Hinckley, Leicestershire, 17 June 1810. Buried on 30 June 1810 at Rugby, Warwickshire.
1802-1804William Hoblyn Lake (1779-1811).
Son of John Lake of Lanivet, Cornwall. MA & Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford. Usher of Sherborne School 1802-1804. Ordained a deacon 1802. Ordained a priest 1805. Chaplain of HMS St George and drowned on 24 December 1811 when the HMS St George was wrecked near Ringkøbing of the west coast of Jutland. Only seven of her 738 crew were saved.
1804-1805Henry Cutler (1788-).
Son of John Cutler, Headmaster of Sherborne School. Attended Sherborne School c.1799. Temporary usher at Sherborne School 1804-1805. BA, Exeter College, Oxford.
1805-1813David Williams (1784-1867).
Born on 2 January 1784 at Ystrad Teilo, Llanrhystud, Cardiganshire, son of Isaac Williams of Llanrhystud, Cardiganshire. BA, Oriel College, Oxford, 1805, MA, 1810. Curate of Overton. Died on 25 February 1867 at Baughurst Rectory, Baughurst, Hampshire.
1814-1860Thomas James (1794-1866).
Born in Herefordshire. Attended Hereford School. MA St John’s College, Cambridge. Usher at Sherborne School 1814-1860. Became Sherborne School’s first housemaster (Abbey House) in 1835. Rector of Lillington 1816-1866. Governor of the School 1861-1866. Died at Sherborne on 8 April 1866. M.I. in Lillington Church.
1860-1871Arthur Mapletoft Curteis (1834-1922).
Born in 1834 in Canterbury, Kent, son of George Curteis. Attended Harrow School. MA, Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. Ceased to be Usher when the office as abolished under the new scheme in 1871. Assistant Master at Sherborne School 1871-1876. Housemaster of Abbey House 1868-1876. Headmaster of Hillside School, Godalming. Died in Kent on 8 September 1922.

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