Elmdene (later Wallace House), South Street, 1931.

Wallace House has been in continuous use as a school boarding house since 1931.

The private side of Wallace House, originally known as Elmdene, was built in 1897 by a member of the Trevett family (possibly Isaac Orchard Trevett (1842-1925), ironmonger) as a private residence.  Later it became a private hotel.

In September 1930 the property was purchased by Headmaster Charles Boughey for £3360. Boughey rented the property to the School Governors who opened it in Lent term 1931 as a waiting house for boys, the majority of whom were destined to pass on to the School House.   In summer 1931 a large wing was added providing accommodation for 24 boys.

In November 1952, the School Governors purchased Elmdene for £4,250.  The house was extensively enlarged in 1967, and in 1977 it became a full house and was renamed Wallace House after Headmaster Alexander Ross Wallace.

Former Wallace boys have included Jack Galsworthy (broke the world record in 2016 with Freddie Wright for the youngest pair to row the Atlantic) and Giles Whittell (author and journalist).

House letter: e.

House colours: red and navy.

House magazines: Elmdene Chronicle.

1931-1976 Elmdene (waiting house):
1931     Max Westlake (OS) (1895-1987)
1942     Arnold Andrews DCM (1895-1973)
1943     Vivian Green (1915-2005)
1946     John Melvin (1916-1999)
1948     Geoffrey Watkins (1907-1992)
1955     Timothy Brook (1906-1991)
1965     David Oldham (1932-1988)
1975     Jeremy Barker
1977- Wallace House:
1977     Jeremy Barker
1988     Geoffrey Fisher
1993     Patrick Haigh
2005     Giles Robinson
2016     Andrew Nurton (OS)

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