Elmdene (later Wallace House), South Street, 1931.

Wallace House has been in continuous use as a school boarding house since 1931.

The private side of Wallace House, originally known as Elmdene, was built in 1897 by a member of the Trevett family (possibly Isaac Orchard Trevett (1842-1925), ironmonger) as a private residence.  Later it became a private hotel.

In September 1930 the property was purchased by Headmaster C.L.F. Boughey for £3360. Boughey rented the property to the School Governors who opened it in Lent term 1931 as a waiting house for boys, the majority of whom were destined to pass on to the School House.   In summer 1931 a large wing was added providing accommodation for 24 boys.  The property was purchased by the School Governors in 1953 and extensively enlarged in 1967.  It became a full house in 1977 when it was renamed Wallace House after Headmaster, Alexander Ross Wallace.

Former pupils of Sherborne School who have boarded at Wallace House include Jack Galsworthy (2008-2013) and Giles Whittell (1979-1984).

House letter: e.

House colours: red and navy.

1931-1976 Elmdene (waiting house):
1931 Max Edward Kenneth Westlake (OS) (1895-1987)
1942 Arnold James Parkes Andrews DCM (1895-1973)
1943 Rev. Vivian Hubert Howard Green (1915-2005)
1946 John Turcan Melvin (1916-1999)
1948 Geoffrey J.B. Watkins (1907-1992)
1955 Rev. Timothy Cyril Pitt Brook (1906-1991)
1965 David Oldham (1932-1988)
1975 Jeremy J. Barker
1977- Wallace House:
1977 Jeremy J. Barker
1988 A.G. F. Fisher
1993 S. Patrick H. Haigh
2005 Giles T.W. Robinson
2016 Andrew David Nurton (OS)

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