Westcott House, 1924

Westcott House, Horsecastles, 1924.

Westcott House was as a boarding house for Sherborne School from 1920 to 1999, and will reopen again in September 2021.

The oldest portion of Westcott House, formerly named Grosvenor Lodge, was built during the 1860s for the Melmoth family.

In 1920, Geoffrey O’Hanlon purchased Grosvenor Lodge together with a piece of garden on the opposite side of Horsecastles for £3,500 and opened it as a school boarding house with ten boarders on 17 September 1920.  The house was renamed Westcott House after Headmaster Frederick Brooke Westcott.  O’Hanlon built on additional boarding accommodation for about fifty pupils and in 1925 made over the entire property to the School Governors for £5,000.

The fireplace in the common room incorporates the stone door lintel from the former Workhouse (now the site of Durrant’s close) that stood on the opposite side of the road and was demolished in 1939.  Large additions were made at the back of the premises in 1965-1966.

As a response to falling numbers of boarders, Westcott House was closed as a School boarding house in 1999 and taken over by Sherborne International.  From September 2021 it will reopen to boys from Sherborne School.

On 30 June 2016, Sir John Dermot Turing unveiled a Blue Plaque at Westcott House commemorating his uncle Alan Turing’s connection with Westcott House.

Former pupils of Sherborne School who boarded at Westcott House include Duncan Carse, Charles Collingwood, David Cornwell (John le Carré), Richard Eyre, Michael Hopkins, George. Rittson-Thomas  Alan Turing, John Dermot Turing, William Watherston, Olly Wilson.

House letter: h.

House colours: white and black (formerly the house colours of Mapperty boarding house in Westbury).

1920 Geoffrey O’Hanlon MC (1885-1975)
1936 Reginald Stanley Thompson (1899-1994)
1952 Frank King (1911-1996)
1966 William Alwin Cooper (1923-2011)
1981 J. Robert Lloyd
1986 D. Paul K. Carling
1994 Don B. Cameron
1999 House closed
2021 to be announced

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