The OSS and the School have recently been contacted by David Sheppard’s daughter, Jenny Sinclair, to ask for our help with the research and biography project on David’s remarkable life. We are, of course, delighted to offer any help that we can through our archive material and assisting contact with David’s contemporaries.

There are many illustrious lives among our alumni and we would most definitely count David, former England test captain, Church of England bishop and life peer as one of the most significant. Sheppard was a rare example of a national figure committed to faith-inspired, value-driven leadership and a major research project into his life is being launched in the autumn. From his leading role in cricket to defeat South African apartheid, to ecumenical leadership, to the ground-breaking Faith in the City report, his life provides essential insights into the understanding of British life.

The project will involve extensive research to augment the existing Sheppard Archive, and its immediate output will be an official, completely independent, biography by Professor Andrew Bradstock, to be published by Lion Hudson in time for Easter 2018, with the provisional title of David Sheppard: Cricketer, Cleric, Radical. The materials gathered will be of substantial assistance in facilitating future research into the history of some critical aspects of British society in the second half of the twentieth century.

In order to bring the project to fulfilment, a committee has formed to raise the necessary funds to facilitate a fellowship at the University of Winchester to enable the work to be undertaken over the next two years. Sherborne helped to shape Sheppard’s life at an early stage so we anticipate that Old Shirburnians would be interested to hear of this and have the opportunity to help bring the project to fruition. Funding is progressing well, with almost half the target sum already raised. Information on how to donate along with the full project proposal is available to download here