The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens (Asia group)

The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens (Asia group)

An article published in the Old Shirburnian Society Annual Report in October 1898 reveals the large number of Old Shirburnians then working in India.

The article, entitled ‘Old Shirburnians in India‘, lists OS working in all areas of the government, the law, the Church and missionary work, the civil service, the army, and in agriculture.  Additional biographical information has been added to the original article giving details of every OS named.

Also included is a poem about British rule in India written by Julian James Cotton (1869-1927), then Assistant Accountant-General of Bengal, and published in The Shirburnian in December 1896, it includes these lines:

 ‘You took in the English as boarders,
You own their omnipotent sway,
They give you executive orders
And Justice – for once in a way.
New laws they are ever enacting,
Each year they migrate to the hills,
Their taxes and rates still exacting –
But you pay the bills.’

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