Bill Hughes
Bill at OS day

Chairman’s Report

The School and the OSS are both in great shape. The envisaged fall-out from the financial crisis was felt, but nowhere near as strongly as we had expected. The school continues to have a strong demand from new entrants and the OSS remains buoyant, with ever increasing events being arranged throughout the year. The reasons for such resilience is of course complex and speculative, however my personal thoughts are that good education remains high on the list of priorities for parents (and ever increasingly grandparents) and giving up on the Sherborne experience would be an action of ‘last resort’. Sherborne remains a revered institution and educator, endearing a keen following with its old boys. That enthusiasm also permeats to parents of the present cohort of boys at the school- Our future OS.

Coordinating and organising different events and helping old Shirburnians stay in contact with each other is the life blood of the OSS and to do this well takes; time, dedication and commitment, something the OS office has in spades. Consequently I would like to thank John Harden, Anne, Joanna & Janet for their sterling efforts throughout 2013 and to the Headmaster and his team for their continued support.

Stephen Rees-Williams