Two of the country’s leading single-sex full-boarding schools, Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls, have announced their decision to build on their long-standing relationship which comes from their unique co-location in the historic Dorset town, with the launch of their ‘separate yet together’ initiative.

The two schools have aligned their branding and some of their external communications to articulate the benefits of single-sex classrooms alongside a collaborative co-curricular experience. Both retain their independence as separate schools and remain fully committed to single-sex education.

Speaking at a joint concert held in Hanover Square, London, Jenny Dwyer, Headmistress at Sherborne Girls, said: “The well-established collaboration within music, drama and sport, alongside the many formal and informal social interactions, offers the best of both worlds for parents wanting the benefits of single-sex education but within a healthy, vibrant co-educational social environment.”

Headmaster at Sherborne, Dr Dominic Luckett, added: “We believe our co-location makes us unique and unlike other schools in significant ways: in short, we offer a very different kind of single-sex education. The academic focus achieved through single-sex learning, combined with the energy and enthusiasm surrounding joint activities, offers a remarkable opportunity and benefit to our pupils.”

Both schools believe that formalising our unique collaboration will strengthen the town’s position as a hub of educational excellence and provide the perfect choice for parents seeking an environment where their children will thrive and be thoroughly equipped for the 21st century workplace.

To arrange a visit or find out more please visit our respective websites (Sherborne School) and (Sherborne Girls)