Geoffrey Garratt’s collection of School badges, belts, caps and ribbons.

John Garrett (a 48-52) has donated to the School archives his father’s collection of School badges, gym belts, caps and boater ribbons.

John’s father, Geoffrey Garrett (a 21-26), was obviously very proud of his collection and kept them in pristine condition mounted in a wooden case.

Here’s what we think they were awarded for, but do you know otherwise?  If so, the School archivist would love to hear from you.

Top section, from top left to bottom right:

1.       OTC efficiency badge.

2.       OTC cap badge of the Dorsetshire Regiment.

3.       OTC shoulder badge.

4.       Corps Cert A badge.

5.       Unknown (possibly a School gym badge).

6.       PT Instructors badge.

7.       OTC band.

8.       Rugby XXX pocket badge.

9.       School Gym pocket badge.

10.   School blazer pocket badge.


Bottom section, from left to right:

1.       School House gym belt.

2.       School Rugby 2nd XV Colours cap.

3.       School House rugby colours cap.

4.       School Gym pocket badge.

5.       School House boater ribbon.

6.       School House PT Instructor belt.

Posted 29 May 2014 by Sherborne School Archives. Visit Sherborne School Archive News for more stories from the archives.