As a sixth former at Sherborne School, Alan Turing was allowed to borrow books from the School library.  Between 10 October 1928 and 16 May 1931 he borrowed 33 titles, mainly on the subjects of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and astronomy, with only three works of fiction.

AuthorTitleDates borrowed
Illusions20 February-20 March 1931
Journal of the Chemical Society (vols. 95, 96, 97)29 May-16 June 1930
Lead30 September-10 October 1929
Money2 February 1930-?
F.W. AstonIsotopes24 March-30 April 1929
W.W. Rouse BallMathematical Recreations and Essays [chosen in 1930 by Alan Turing for his Morcom Prize for Science]7 November-12 December 1928
N.R. CampbellModern Electrical Thetory18 January-10 February 1929
Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland4 November-15 December 1930
Lewis CarrollThe Game of Logic4 November-15 December 1930
Lewis CarrollThrough the Looking Glass4 November-15 December 1930
James Clerk MaxwellMatter and Motion13-24 February 1929, 29 July-23 September 1929 (summer holidays)
W.K. CliffordThe Common Sense of the Exact Sciences28 October-7 November 1928
A.S. EddingtonSpace, Time and Gravitation6 November-6 December 1929, 18 December 1929-20 January 1930, 22 January-27 March 1930
A.S. EddingtonThe Nature of the Physical World17-21 March 1929, 24 March-20 April 1929, 31 May-24 July 1930
Albert EinsteinSidelights on Relativity21 October-6 December 1929
A.J. EvansThe Escaping Club31 January-22 March 1931
I.H. FichteContributions to Mental Philosophy21 January 1931-?
Arthur Haas, translated by R.W. LawsonThe New Physics Lectures for Laymen and Others27 January-10 February 1929
H.D. HendersonSupply and Demand29 March-6 May 1930 (Easter holidays), 6 May-24 July 1930
J.H. JeansThe Stars in their Courses24 April-13 June 1931
J.H. JeansThe Universe Around Us16 December 1929-20 January 1930 (Christmas holidays)
Oliver LodgeAtoms and Rays: an introduction to modern views on atomic structure and radiation16-21 March 1929
Oliver Lodge, et alPhases of Modern Science24 February-4 March 1929, 24 March-30 April 1929
Thomas PrestonThe Theory of Heat12 February-29 March 1930, 6 May-23 July 1930, 30 November-15 December 1930, 24 January-20 March 1931, 16 May-13 June 1931
Isaac RobertsA Selection of Photographs of Stars, Star-Clusters and Nebulae19 October-23 November 1930
O.N. RoodModern Chromatics: with applications to art and industry12-26 May 1929
Vera Sanford (ed. J.W. Young)A Short History of Mathematics10 October-12 November 1928
T.W. WebbCelestial Objects for Common Telescopes16 December 1929-20 January 1930 (Christmas holidays)
W.C.D. WhethamThe Recent Development of Physical Science13-24 February 1929
A.N. WhiteheadScience and the Modern World24 February-4 March 1929
A. WoodSound Waves and their Uses13 February-20 March 1931

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