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Studies on Ottoman Nicosia: From the Ottoman Conquest to the Early British Period, coedited by Stephen Boys Smith (a 64)

Preface Contributors Vera CostantInI, An Old Location’s New Life: Early-Ottoman Lefkoşa Recep Dündar, Nicosia according to the Population and Taxation Survey of 1572 Mehmet Akİf Erdoğru, The New Status Quo of the Monasteries of Cyprus after the Ottoman Conquest Mehmet Demİryürek, The Price of the Faith: Mukataa-i Patrikiyye-i Cezire-i Kıbrıs and Mukataa-i Şemʻhâne (1572-1612) Styliani N. LepIda, NicosiaThe Capital City of an Ottoman Province […]

A Book of Borrowed Voices by Roger Norman (d 66)

Richard Hannay and Asquith, Hercule Poirot and Michael Collins, Billy Bunter and the Crash, Winfred Holtby and the Jarrow March, Lord Peter Wimsey and Lloyd George at Berchtesgarden, Colonel Blimp, Miss Brodie and Macmillan, Mountbatten and his Irish chauffeur O’Rafferty on the border of India, Biggles, Harold Wilson and a clockwork orange, Enoch Powell, Churchill and David […]

Electric Trucks: A History of Delivery Vehicles, Semis, Forklifts and Others by Kevin Desmond (g 68)

Welcomed at end of the 19th century as the solution to the severe problem of horse manure in city streets, electric trucks soon became the norm for short-haul commercial deliveries. Though reliable, they were gradually replaced by gasoline-powered trucks for long-haul deliveries-although a fleet of electric milk trucks survived in Great Britain into the 1960s.

Industrial […]

Chasing Balloons by Mark Floyer (h 73)

“Child of India, Oxford scholar, schoolmaster, published poet and father of four, Mark has lived a full life – but somehow his story always returns to cricket.

Chasing Balloons, his delightfully honest memoir, encapsulates beautifully the extraordinary grip this strange game has on so many of us.”

Stephen Chalke, cricket writer

Pulisher: Charlcombe Books[…]

Thinking About Things, Mark Sainsbury, (d 61)

How is this possible? How can we think about things that do not exist, like unicorns and Pegasus? They are not there to be thought about, yet we think about them just as easily as we think about things that do exist.

Thinking About Things addresses these and related questions, taking as its framework […]

The Country Houses of Devon, Hugh Meller (a 59)

This new publication describes more than 400 of Devon’s most notable country houses in lively detail. Their owners & architectural history, their estates, ancillary buildings & gardens are all included. Over 1,000 old and new photographs, drawings, maps and sketch-plans, many published for the first time, illustrate […]

I Am Where I come From – Andrew Garrod (b 56)

I am where I come from“The organizing principle for this anthology is the common Native American heritage of its authors; and yet that thread proves to be the most tenuous of all, as the experience of indigeneity differs radically for each of them. While many experience […]

A New Devil’s Dictionary – Nicholas T Parsons (d 64)

A New Devil's DictionaryA New Devil’s Dictionary aims to supply a disrespectful guide to the agenda that all too often lurks behind contemporary buzzwords, phrases or slogans. In a conventional dictionary, you will find definitions, of course, but they do not always tell you everything you […]

The Gospel According to Paul – Hari Thorpe (h 60)

The Gospel According to PaulActs of the Apostles quotes St Paul’s famous: “I appeal to Caesar!” and devotes two whole chapters to his sea journey to Rome. Then the story fizzles out. What happened next? One third of the way through Acts, St Peter miraculously escapes […]

The Wind Blows Wherever it Pleases – Henry Kendal (c 77)

henry-kendal-book-coverThe Wind Blows Wherever It Pleases is a lively account of the life of the Spirit, rich in stories but also mature in its dealing with scripture, it is both evangelical and charismatic in its approach. […]