The Wind Blows Wherever it Pleases – Henry Kendal (c 77)

henry-kendal-book-coverThe Wind Blows Wherever It Pleases is a lively account of the life of the Spirit, rich in stories but also mature in its dealing with scripture, it is both evangelical and charismatic in its approach. […]

Hume: An Intellectual Biography – James Harris (m 87)

hume-an-intellectual-biography-by-james-harrisThis is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire career of one of Britain’s greatest men of letters. It sets in biographical and historical context all of Hume’s works, from A Treatise of Human Nature to The History of England, bringing to […]

Teachings of Rumi – Andrew Harvey

Teachings of Rumi
Andrew Harvey

Jellaludin Rumi was a religious teacher in Anatolia until, at the age of 37, he fell under the spell of the wandering Dervish Shams Tabriz, and began to compose poems about his search for the lost Divine Beloved. This text presents Rumi’s […]