The Historic Library & Rare Book Collection at Sherborne School includes a section of books relating to architecture and classical antiquities.

A-Z by author &/or title:

BAIARDI, Ottavio Antonio (1694-1764)
Le pitture antiche d’Ercolano e contorni incise con qualche spiegazione.
Edited by Ottavio Antonia Baiardi.
Published by Accademia ercolanese di archeologia, Naples.
Naples, 1757.
Volume 1.
Purchased by W.B. Wildman from the library of Drax of Holnest, 1919.

CONEY, John (1786-1833)
Ecclesiastical edifices of the olden time: a series of etchings, with ground-plans and facsimiles of Hollar’s views, of the cathedral and conventual churches, monasteries, abbeys, priories, and other ecclesiastical edifices of England and Wales.
London, 1892.
2 volumes.

CUMBERLAND, George (1754-1848)
Outlines from the antients. Exhibiting their principles of composition in figures and basso-relievos taken chiefly from inedited monuments of Greek and Roman sculpture.
London, 1829.
[A preface indicates that this work was prompted by a desire to improve knowledge of draughtsmanship. Many illustrative plates, with descriptive analysis of the form, content, etc., of each. The authors was a friend of Sir Thomas Lawrence, to whom this is dedicated]

NESFIELD, William Eden (1835-1888)
Specimens of mediaeval architecture chiefly selected from examples of the 12th and 13th centuries in France & Italy and drawn by W. Eden Nesfield, architect, London.
London, Day & Son, 1862.

PARKER, John Henry
XI – Observations on the Ancient Domestic Architecture of Ireland, in a letter addressed to the Earl Stanhope, President, by John Henry Parker, read 10 March 1859.
XXVIII – Medieval Architecture in Aquitaine; in continuation and conclusion of previous papers. A letter addressed to the Earl Stanhope, President, by John Henry Parker, read 19 April 1855.
Reprinted from Archaeologia, vols. 36 & 38.

PUGIN, Augustus Charles (1762-1832)
Specimens of Gothic Architecture; selected from various antient edifices in England.
London, 1823 (2nd ed.)
Two volumes in one.
[The author came to England as a refugee from France in 1790. He became closely associated with John Nash, who encouraged his talent. Pugin’s careful work in his drawings of old buildings, and his systematic study of detail, contributed notably to the English Gothic revival. This work has copious illustrations, each of which is explained and discussed. He was father, and teacher, of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852)]
Inscribed on title page: [?‘A. Pugin’].
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1893.

RUTTER, John (1796-1851)
Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey.
Shaftesbury, 1823 (1st ed.).
[Subscriber’s copy of this privately-published work, which was so successful that there were six editions in the same year. It provides a detailed history and description of Fonthill, with illustrative plates. Dedicated to Susannah Euphemia (née Beckford), Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon]
Inscribed ‘Emma Bingham 1823’.
Acquired by Sherborne School in 1928.

WORSLEY, Sir Richard (1751-1805)
Museum Worsleyanum: A collection of antique Basso-relievos, Bustos, Statues and Gems; with views of places in the Levant; taken on the spot in the years 1785-87.
London, 1824 (2nd ed.)
Acquired by Sherborne School in 1922.

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