A.C. Vivian’s photograph of The Courts, taken on 30 September 1940 within half an hour of the raid.

Held in the School Archives are 160 essays written by boys at Sherborne School (aged 13-18), and one housemaster (A.H. Trelawny-Ross), about their experiences during the bombing of Sherborne on 30 September 1940.  The essays appear to have been written in November 1940 and February and March 1941, and were probably set as English ‘hall’ (homework) by A.H. Trelawny-Ross.  It appears that Trelawny-Ross also asked the boys in Lyon House to write down their memories of the day, which accounts for such a large proportion of the essays (65) having been written by boys from Lyon House and also for some boys writing two essays.

Poignantly, by the end of the Second World War eight of the boys who wrote the essays had lost their lives on active service: J.A. Balck-Foote (School 38-42), D. Maxwell-Cleeve (School 38-42), D.S. Hawkins (Harper 37-42), R.L. Henson (Harper 36-41), D. Moffat-Wilson (Lyon 37-41), A.B.D. Scott (Abbey 37-41), R.D. Scott (Abbeylands 37-41), and C.P.W. Warren (Abbey 38-42).

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