The Historic Library & Rare Book Collection at Sherborne School includes a section of books relating to British history.

A-Z by author &/or title:

ASHMOLE, Elias (1617-1692)
The institution, laws and ceremonies of the most noble Order of the Garter.
London, J. Macock for Nathanael Brooke, 1672 (1st ed.)
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for £1.18s.0d.

ASSER, Bishop (d.c.909)
Annales rerum gestarum Aelfredi Magni.
Oxford, Robert Shippen, 1722 (1st ed.)
[English history, and life of Alfred, 849-887. Written c.893 (Asser later was Bishop of Sherborne). A source for many later chroniclers. The editing by Wise was very careful; but the authenticity of the original has been questioned. Latin text]
Inscribed: ‘J.R. pret. Subscript. 10s. 1722’; ‘G.H.’

ASSER, Bishop (d.c.909)
Annales rerum gestarum Aelfredi Magni.
Oxford, Robert Shippen, 1722 (1st ed.)
Stuck inside the front cover: newspaper cutting, ‘Alfred’s Biographer’, a review of William Henry Stevenson’s edition of ‘Asser’s Life of King Alfred’, n.d.
Inscribed ‘George A. Powell, June 1888’.
Annotated [by W.B. Wildman?]
Donated to Sherborne School, 1923.

BAXTER, Richard (1615-1691)
A holy commonwealth, or political aphorisms, opening the true principles of government: for the healing of the mistakes… that most endanger… England at this time…
London, 1659.
[Baxter discusses the best form of government, and plumps for a theocracy, along with a monarch to deal with purely civil matters, both being necessary for the ideal state. He was clearly trying to gain acceptance for his views before the Restoration of Charles II]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 3s.10d.

BOLINGBROKE, Henry St. John Viscount (1678-1751)
Letters on the spirit of patriotism: on the idea of a patriot king: and on the state of parties at the accession of King George the First.
London, printed for A. Millar, 1749.
Inscribed: ‘Robert Price’, ‘J.?D. 1784/5’.

BURKE, Edmund (1729-1797)
The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke.
London, F.C. & J. Rivington, 1819.
Volume 12.
Bookplate: Sherborne Literary Institution. Circulating Library no.346.

BURNET, Gilbert (1643-1715)
The memories of the lives and actions of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton… in which an account is given of the rise and progress of the civil wars of Scotland… from… 1625 to… 1652. Together with many letters… written by King Charles the I never before published…
London, J. Grover for R. Royston, 1677 (1st ed.)
[Burnet describes the Civil War in Scotland as the background to the biographies of the brothers. Also contains much material relevant to Scottish history, and many previously unpublished letters, etc., from Charles I]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 9s.6d.

BURNET, Gilbert (1643-1715)
Some passages of the life and death of the Right Honourable John Earl of Rochester, who died the 26 of July 1680.
London, 1680 (1st ed.)
[Deals with Rochester’s ‘death-bed repentance’, and caused a sensation. Frequently reprinted after this first edition]
Inscribed: [?’Chetle’]
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1807 and 1861.

CALAMY, Edmund (1671-1732)
An abridgement of Mr Baxter’s history of his life and times; with an account of the ministers, lecturers, masters and fellows of colleges and schoolmasters etc who were ejected after the restoration of King Charles II in 1660.
London, 1713 (2nd ed.)
2 volumes.
Donated to Sherborne School by G.E. Saunders, c.1896.

CALAMY, Edmund (1671-1732)
A continuation of the Account of the ministers, lecturers, masters and fellows of colleges, and school-masters who were ejected and silenced after the restoration in 1660, by or before the Act of Uniformity…
London, 1727 (1st revised ed.)
2 volumes.
Donated to Sherborne School by G.E. Saunders, c.1896.

CAMDEN, William (1551-1623)
The History of the most renowned and victorious Princess Elizabeth, late Queen of England.
London, 1675 (3rd ed.)
[Though urged by Burghley to undertake this in 1597, Camden did not complete this volume (in Latin) until near the end of his life. The English editions appeared later. The events of the reign are set out, year by year, in great detail]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 16s.0d.

CARY, Henry 1st Viscount Falkland (c.1575-1633)
The history of the life, reign and death of Edward II… with the rise and fall of his great favourites, Gavestone and the Spencers.
London, 1680.
[First published 1627]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 5s.10d.

CHARLES I, King (1600-1649)
The works of King Charles the Martyr; with a collection of declarations, treaties, and other papers concerning the differences betwixt his said Majesty and his two Houses of Parliament. With a history of his life; as also of his tryal and martyrdom.
London, 1687 (2nd ed.)
[The compilers of Charles’ papers were William Fulman (1632-1688) and Richard Perrinchief (c.1632-1673), the latter wrote the life. The collection is a useful assembly of source material, compiled within living memory of the events (the first edition appeared in 1662). All contents summarised in an index, and a chronological list, at end of volume. First published 1662]
Inscribed: ‘Sherborne King’s School Library 182[?]’
Donated to Sherborne School before 1695 by Hugh Hodges, School Governor (entry in original library catalogue).

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston (c.1620-1688)
Divi Britannici: being a remark upon the lives of all the Kings of this isle, from the year of the world 2855 unto the year of grace 1660.
London, 1675 (1st ed.)
[The author was born at Wooton Glanville, near Sherborne, and was Marlborough’s father. The book was a ‘best-seller’ for novice historians, and gives a brief historical account, reign by reign. Churchill held extreme royalist sympathies; thus, the work is a kind of ‘apotheosis’ of Kings]
Donated to Sherborne School before 1695 by Hugh Hodges, School Governor. (entry in original library catalogue).

CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of (1609-1674)
The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England.
Oxford, 1704 (1st ed.)
3 volumes.
[The most famous of all contemporary accounts. Despite its imperfections it remains a valuable source. But perhaps best read for its ‘characters’, written in a fine style modelled on Tacitus]
Donated to Sherborne School c.1705 by Hon. Henry Thynne of Leweston (d.1708).

CLAY, Rotha Mary
The Hermits and Anchorites of England.
London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1914.

CLUTTERBUCK, Lewis Augustus (ed.)
The Bond of Sacrifice. A biographical record of all British officers who fell in the Great War. Edited by Colonel L.A. Clutterbuck (military editor), Colonel W.T. Dooner, and Commander C.A. Denison (naval editor).
Volume 1: August-December 1914.
London, The Anglo-African Publishing Contractors, [1916]

CRUSO, John (d.1681)
Militarie instructions for the cavallrie: or the rules and directions for the service of horse… according to the present practise of the Low-Country Warres.
Cambridge, 1632.
[Gives chapter on organisation, drill, tactical formations, etc. With plates illustrating battle formations 1610-1621. Contains several diagrams and fold-outs illustrating the text ]
Inscribed: ‘A.A. Decemb. 2, 1641’
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

D’EWES, Sir Simonds (1602-1650)
The journals of all the Parliaments during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
London, 1682 (1st ed.)
[The author was a wealthy and industrious antiquary and a victim of ‘Prides’ Purge’. This work (published later by his nephew) gives a detailed, often verbatim, account of proceedings 1558-1601; a basic source, since Commons journal has not survived]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 17s.6d.

London, 1816.
4 volumes.
[A reprint, with additional material and full index, by ‘Royal Command’]

DRUMMOND, William (1585-1649)
The history of Scottish from the year 1423, until the year 1542.. with several memorials of State, during the reigns of James VI and Charles I.
London, 1681 (2nd ed.)
[Drummond chiefly noted as a Scottish poet. This volume includes letters by him to various contemporaries, and ‘A Cypresse Grove’ – a prose meditation on death (first published as ‘A Midnight Trance’, 1619)]
Inscribed: ‘R. Gaywood fecit’
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 5s.0d.

DUGDALE, Sir William (1605-1686)
The Baronage of England, or, an Historical Account of the lives… of our English nobility.
London, Thomas Newcomb for Abel Roper, 1675-1676 (1st ed).
2 volumes.
[An account of all peerages (incl. those extinct) from Saxon times to date of publication. Full genealogical, historical and biographical survey. Index in each volume. The first attempt at anything of the kind: thus, contains some inevitable errors]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for £1.15s.0d.

DUGDALE, Sir William (1605-1686)
A short view of the late troubles in England… also some parallel thereof with the Barons-War in the time of King Henry III, but chiefly with that in France, called the Holy League…
Oxford, 1681 (1st ed.)
[A fully detailed account of the Civil War from 1638 to 1660. The tone is strongly royalist. A long appendix deals with the Treaty of Uxbridge 1644]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 12s.0d.

DUGDALE, Sir William (1605-1686)
A perfect copy of all summons of the nobility to the Great Councils and Parliaments of this realm.
London, 1685 (1st ed.)
[A further contribution to peerage literature. Gives Latin texts of summonses, with lists of all those summoned on each occasion]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for £1.2s.6d.

DUGDALE, Sir William (1605-1686)
Monasticon Anglicanum, or, A history of the abbies and other monasteries, hospitals, friaries, cathedral and collegiate churches, with their dependencies, in England and Wales : also of all such Scotch, Irish, and French monasteries, as were in any manner connected with religious houses in England : together with a particular account on their respective foundations, grants, and donations, and a full statement of their possessions, as well temporal as spiritual / originally published in Latin by Sir William Dugdale, Kt. Garter Principal King at Arms.
New edition.
Volumes 1-6.
London, Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown; Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, & Jones; and Joseph Harding, 1817-1830.

EADMER (d.c.1124)
Eadmeri monachi Cantuarensis Historiae Novorum sive sui Saeculi.
Edited by John Selden (1584-1654)
London, 1623 (1st ed.)
[Covers period 1066-1122: special interest in church affairs, with a strong national bias. Latin text]
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 2 July 1691 for 12s.0d.

FOULIS, Henry (1638-1669)
The history of Romish treasons and usurpations.
London, 1681 (2nd ed.)
[The author, sub-rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, first published this work in 1671. It is an attack on Catholicism and its supposed activities and illustrates the very powerful anti-Catholic feeling in England at the time of the first publication (1671). Book 10 gives details of plots against Elizabeth I and James I, including the Gunpowder Plot]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 14s.0d.

FOXE, John (1516-1587)
Acts and Monuments of Matters most special and memorable happening in the Church… with the bloody times, horrible troubles and great persecutions against the true martyrs of Christ.
London, 1631-1632.
3 volumes.
[Foxe first published his famous ‘Book of Martyrs’ in 1563, with later amended editions. Though ‘prolix, unsystematic… it is honed, and strong in facts. It opens a window on the English Reformation by presenting much first-hand material. Foxe’s deep compassion for suffering can make his death scenes very moving.’ Volume I gives extensive analysis and chronology, with paging, of contents of all 3 volumes. Vol. I to 1508; Vol. II 1509-1553; Vol. III 1553-1620]
Inscribed ‘Wright Smith, Norwich, Oct 24th 1772’
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1807 and 1861.

Downside and the War 1939-1945. Containing memoirs of Old Gregorians who lost their lives during the Second World War.
St Gregory’s Society, [c.2000]

FRANKLAND, Thomas (1633-1690)
The Annals of King James and King Charles the First…
Edited by Thomas Frankland (1633-1690).
London, printed by Thomas Braddyll for Robert Clavel, 1681.
[This is a detailed compilation of state papers, speeches, and proceedings in Parliament for the period 1612-1641. It is a fine collection of source material for the study of the background to the English Civil War, linked by short amounts of text]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 17s.0d.

FULLER, Thomas (1608-1661)
The History of the worthies of England.
London, 1811.
2 volumes.
[‘Fuller’s Worthies’, first published 1662, treats England and Wales county by county, with some typical features of each; and gives an account of all ‘famous’ natives of each county (full index at end of each volume). This was the first reprint. Fuller had a love of psychological curiosities, which makes the work entertaining as well as informative]
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1861 and 1894. (c.1893)

GALE, Thomas (c.1635-1702) & GALE, Roger (1672-1744)
Antonini iter Britanniarum.
London, 1709 (1st ed.)
[Latin text with notes by both father and son. Appendix suggests the origins of some English place-names]
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1861 and 1894 (c.1893)

For Remembrance and in honour of those who lost their lives in the South African War 1899-1902.
London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, Ltd., 1911.

Reports from the Select Committee appointed to inquire into the state of the Public Records of the Kingdom.

Report from the Commissioners to execute the measures recommended… respecting the Public Records of the Kingdom 1800-1819.
2 volumes.
[Includes discussion of various documents (e.g. Domesday) with comment on significance of words used. Vol.II contains some 86 facsimilies of early documents]
Bookplate: John Bastard.
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1893.

General Report to the King… from the… Commissioners on the Public Records.

GUILLIM, John (1565-1621)
A Display of Heraldry.
London, S. Roycroft, 1679 (5th/7th ed.)
Bound with: John Logan, Analogia honorum, or, A treatise of honour and nobility, according to the laws and customes of England (London, Thomas Roycroft, 1677-1678)
[Guillim systematised the whole science of heraldry. Every aspect is here analysed and illustrated. With hand-coloured illustrations of coats of arms, and some portraits after Vandyck]
Donated to Sherborne School by the Earl of Bristol, before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

HABINGTON, William (1605-1654)
The historie of Edward the Fourth, King of England.
London, 1640 (1st ed.)
[Though Habington was best known as a poet, this volume is said to have been produced at the behest of Charles I]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 4s.6d.

A complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours; the fourth edition; commencing with the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard II. And ending with the sixteenth year of the reign of King George III. With two alphabetical tables to the whole. To which is prefixed, a new preface by Francis Hargrave.
London, 1776-1781 (4th ed).
11 volumes.
[The first two volumes of this collection of verbatim records of all trials (not just ‘State’ trials) heard between 1388-1777. Full index in volume XI]

HERBERT, Edward, Lord Cherbury (1583-1648)
The Life and Reign of King Henry the Eighth.
London, 1683.
[A mass of detailed information, derived from authentic sources. First published 1649]]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 11s.6d.

British Public Schools War Memorials.
London, Roberts & Newton, Ltd., 1927 (1st ed.)
Presented to Sherborne School by W. & G. Foyle Ltd., Booksellers, London, 14 March 1932.

LA ROCHEJAQUELEIN, Marie-Louise-Victoire marquise de (1772-1857)
Mémoires de Madame La Marquise de La Rochejaquelein.
Paris, 1848 (6th ed.).
Bookplate: John Fowles.
Inscribed (in John Fowles’s handwriting): ‘A masterpiece: one of the finest eye-witness accounts of civil war in all history’. With notes by John Fowles about the Marquise’s family.

LAUD, William (1573-1645)
A relation of the conference betweene William Laude, then Lord Bishop of St David’s, now Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury: and Mr Fisher the Jesuite by the said Most Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.
London, 1639 (1st ed.)
[This is the first full version published. The conference took place in May 1622, the aim was to prevent the Countess of Buckingham from embracing Catholicism. The attempt failed; but led to close links between Laude and her son (Buckingham). This is the first full version published]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695, donated by James Lacy MA, Merton College, Oxford, Vicar of Sherborne and School Governor 1694.

LAUD, William (1573-1645)
The history of the troubles and tryall of… William Laud… wrote by himself during his imprisonment in the Tower. To which is prefixed the diary of his own life…
Edited by Henry Wharton (1664-1695).
London, 1695 (1st ed.).
[Includes the Diary (1573-1643) and detailed account of Laud’s trial]
Donated to Sherborne School Library by Rev. E.J. Nelson, 1943. [Edward John Nelson (1867-1940) attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1880-1886]

LEACH, Arthur Francis (1851-1915)
English Schools at the Reformation, 1546-8.
Westminster, Archibald Constable & Co., 1896.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by H.R. King, 1897. [Henry Robinson King (1855-1935), assistant master at Sherborne School 1883-1925, Housemaster of Abbeylands from 1900 to 1919]

LEACH, Arthur Francis (1851-1915)
A History of Winchester College.
London, Duckworth & Co., 1899.

LEACH, Arthur Francis (1851-1915)
The Schools of Medieval England.
London, Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1915.

LEACH, Arthur Francis (1851-1915)
Educational Charters and Documents 598 to 1909.
Cambridge University Press, 2010.

LLOYD, David (1635-1692)
State-worthies; or the states-men and favourites of England since the Reformation.
London, Thomas Milbourn, 1670 (2nd ed.)
[Lloyd gives biographies of around 200 notables covering the period 1509-1649. The subjects are listed alphabetically in the front. The biographies of royalists are somewhat eulogistic]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 4s.9d.

MAITLAND, William (c.1693-1757)
The History of London from its Foundation to the Present Time.
London, 1754-1756 (2nd ed.)
2 volumes.
[Volume 1 gives a very detailed account of all historical events impinging on London up to 1753, covering their every aspect (political, financial, social, legal, etc.). Volume 2 is largely topographical, with full details of each War. With many interesting maps and views]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1807.

MALLESON, George Bruce (1825-1898)
The Indian Mutiny of 1857.
London, Seeley & Co. Ltd., 1896 (6th ed.)
Inscribed: ‘Moberly’.

MATTHIEU, Pierre (1563-1621)
Unhappy prosperity. Expressed in the history of Aelius Sejanus, and Philippa the Catanian, with observations upon the fall of Sejanus, lastly, with certain considerations upon the life and services of Monsieur Villerot.
Translated by Sir Thomas Hawkins.
Dedicated to William, Earl of Salisbury.
London, Thomas Harper, 1639 (2nd ed.).
[Originally translated in 1628 as a satire on the Duke of Buckingham, the 1639 translation seems to urge King Charles I to assert his power over the rebellious Scots, as Tiberius had ultimately dealt with Sejanus]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 2s.0d.

MORNAY, Philippe de (1549-1623)
The Mysterie of Iniquitie, that is to say, the historie of the Papacie… Englished by Samson Lennard.
London, Adam Islip, 1612.
{The history of the Papacy from a Protestant viewpoint. Published in France 1611. The author (known as ‘the Hugenot Pope’) had earlier been Henry of Navarre’s right-hand man; but his Protestantism was too extreme for him to remain in favour.
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1750 (amendment in 1695 library catalogue)

MORYSON, Fynes (1566-1630)
An Itinerary: containing his ten yeeres travel through the twelve dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland and Ireland.
London, John Beale, 1617 (1st ed.)
[Part 1 gives details of journeys throughout Europe 1591-1597, and Part III gives miscellaneous information on European countries (national costumes, character, religion, etc.). Valuable social history material on inns, food, prices, etc. Part II gives a very detailed eye-witness account of events in Ireland 1599-1603, including the rebellion of Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 14s.0d.

NALSON, John (c.1638-1686)
An impartial collection of the great affairs of state from the beginning of the Scotch Rebellion in the year 1639 to the murther of King Charles I.
London, 1682-1683.
2 volumes.
[A collection of source material ‘published by His Majesties special command’. Full details of speeches, petition etc. in Parliament and elsewhere. Gives lists of troops, and those supplying them. Nalson’s purpose was to counterbalance Rushworth, whom he accused of being hostile to Charles I]
Donated to Sherborne School around 1700 by Hugh Hodges, School Governor (amendment in 1695 library catalogue).

NALSON, John (c.1638-1686)
Foxes and firebrands, or a specimen of the danger and harmony of Popery and separation.
Dublin, 1682 (2nd ed.)
[Discusses the danger caused by Dissenters, with material from earlier periods and for 1678. Nalson, a vigorous polemicist, pro-royalist and anti-dissenters. In this edition, a second and third part added by Robert Ware]
Acquired by Sherborne School after 1919.

NEVILLE, Alexander (1544-1614)
De furoribus Norfolciensium Ketto Duce.
London, 1575.
Bound in with: Alexander Neville, ‘Ad Walliae Proceres Apologia’, London, 1576.
[Latin account of Ket’s Rebellion (1549); also, an account of Norwich and its antiquities, list of Mayors, etc. 1399-1574. An appendix gives the author’s apologies for insulting Welsh levies in the first version, but likening them to sheep]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

PARIS, Matthew (d.1259)
Mattaei Paris, Monachi Albanensis, Angli, Historia maior.
London, 1571.
[Latin text. This the first printing of a ‘mixture’ of Paris’ Chronica Major and Historia Anglorum, produced by Archbishop Parker. Covers period 1066-1272. Paris’s Chronicles are the most important source for period 1235-1259]
Inscribed: ‘Henry [?] Bulley’, ‘William Foldes’.
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).
Donated to Sherborne School by Hugh Hodges, School Governor.

PARSONS, Robert (1546-1610)
A conference about the next succession to the Crown of England.
Reprinted at N. with licence, 1681.
[A discussion/seminar by two lawyers on problems of Succession, in 1593. Their statements give a general review of the laws of succession, earlier examples of the rejection of the ‘next-in-line’ and examine the claims of various present contenders. First published in 1594]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

PEPYS, Samuel (1633-1703)
Memoires relating to the state of the Royal Navy of England, for ten years, determin’d December 1688.
London, Ben. Griffin, 1690.

PETRIE, Henry (1768-1842)
Monumenta historica Britannica, or Materials for the history of Britain from the earliest period. Vol. 1 Extending to the Norman conquest / prepared and illustrated with notes by the late Henry Petrie, assisted by the Rev. John Sharpe.
Published by Sir Thomas Duffus Hardy.
[London]: G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode for Her Majesty, 1848.

PITT, William, 1st Earl of Chatham (1708-1778)
Letters written by the late Earl of Chatham to his nephew Thomas Pitt esq. (afterwards Lord Camelford) then at Cambridge.
London, 1821 (5th ed.)
[Letters of friendly advice on various topics 1751-1757. Edited by William Wyndham, 1st Baron Granville. First published 1804]
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1861 and 1883.

PITTS, Thomas Gent (pseud. John TUTCHIN)
A New martyrology, or, the Bloody Assizes… a compleat history of the lives… of all those eminent protestants who fell in the West of England and elsewhere from the year 1678… to this treatise is added the life of George L. Geffreys.
London, 1693 (4th ed.)
[Useful index to all those executed, with full information. Includes ‘account of those executed at Sherborne’. Life of Jeffreys (separately printed) dedicated to Jeffreys as a ‘True Account of your Lordship’s Life and Actions, your unheard-of cruelties and barbarous proceedings’ by James Bent]
Inscribed: ‘A.R. 1693’
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1902.

PRIOR, Edward Schrőder (1852-1932)
The Cathedral Builders in England.
London, Seeley & Co. Ltd., 1905.
Lacks binding.

The Roads Souvenir Album. A Memento of Service during the Great War 1916-1919.
London, Creswell & Scott, [1919].
[A collection of photographs of the officers who served in the Roads Directorate during the First World War]

ROBERTSON, William (1721-1793)
The History of Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James Vi… with… an Appendix containing original papers.
London, 1759 (2nd ed.)
2 volumes.
[Covers period 1542-1603. Had great success; much admired (e.g. by Gibbon, Hume, Walpole) as much for its style (modelled on Swift) as for its content. Appendix has many contemporary documents, letters, etc. Robertson adhered closely to his sources]
Bookplate: Robert Bristow, esq., London.
Inscribed: ‘Katherine S. Knollys’
Donated by Rev. E.J. Nelson, 1943. [Edward John Nelson (1867-1940) attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1880-1886]

ROBERTSON, William (1721-1793)
The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. With a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century, in four volumes.
Edinburgh, J. Robertson, 1805.
Volume 4.
Bookplate: Presented to the Macready Institute by the representatives of the late Joseph Pitman Symes, Esq. Sherborne, 1888.

ROWLANDS, Richard (alias VERSTEGEN) (c.1565-1620)
Restitution of decayed intelligence in antiquities concerning the English nation.
[Original title page lacking: London, 1634 (3rd ed.)]
[Deals with early invasions of Britain, the formation of the language, surnames, etc., with Anglo-Saxon emphasis. First published 1605]
Inscribed: ‘John Bennett booke’
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

RUSHWORTH, John (c.1612-1690)
Historical collections of private passages of state, weighty matters in law, remarkable proceedings in five parliaments… beginning… 1618.
Edited by John Rushworth (c.1612-1690).
London, 1659 (1st ed.)
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1750 and 1807 (amendment in 1695 catalogue).

RUSHWORTH, John (c.1612-1690)
Historical collections of private passages of state, weighty matters in law, remarkable proceedings in five Parliaments… beginning… 1618.
Edited by John Rushworth (c.1612-1690).
3 volumes.
Volume 1: London, 1682.
Volumes 2 & 3: London, 1680.
[A valuable collection of source material, covering the period 1618 to 1640. There are several interesting appendices, including reports of the Court of Star Chamber for 1625-1628 and various decrees of this court. Rushworth had been a Clerk in the House of Commons, and become Secretary of the Earl of Fairfax and an MP under Cornwell]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for £2.10s.

RUSHWORTH, John (c.1612-1690)
The trial of Thomas Earl of Strafford… upon an impeachment of High Treason.
Faithfully collected by John Rushworth (c.1612-1690).
London, 1686.
[The work was first published in 1680. A verbatim account of all proceedings connected with the trial, based on John Rushworth’s own shorthand notes taken at the time]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 16s.0d.

SANDERSON, Sir William (?1586-1676)
A compleat history of the lives and reigns of Mary Queen of Scotland and of … James the Sixth, King of Scotland and … of Great Britain… the First.
London, 1656 (1st ed.)
[Gives a historical account along with various anecdotes. For a work published under the Lord Protector it is reasonably well-balanced. Various original documents are quoted. Designed as a continuation of William Drummond’s History of Scotland]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 8s.6d.

SANDERSON, Sir William (?1586-1676)
A compleat history of the life and reigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave.
London, 1658 (1st ed.)
[This is a continuation of his work on Mary Queen of Scotland and James VI. It is very detailed, with much quoting from speeches and newspaper articles. Despite this use of source materials there are many inaccuracies. The tone is very sympathetic; by the time of publication the days of the Protectorate were clearly numbered]
Inscribed: ‘Ja: Jackson, 1658’
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 14s.6d.

Ancient Handwritings. An Introductory Manual for Intending Students of Palaeography and Diplomatic.
Charles A. Bernau, Walton-on-Thames, 1909.
Stuck inside the cover is a letter from William Saunders, 1 Summerbank, Edinburgh, dated 25 November 1909, to ‘Dear Sir’. Saunders thanks for the kindly criticism of his book and sends two facsimiles, one signed by Sir Thomas Saunders and the other the Incorporating Charter of ‘my’ University.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by John Clare Hudson, February 1910. [John Clare Hudson, attended Sherborne School (School House) 1861-1867. Vicar of Thornton, Horncastle 1875-1920. Co-editor of Lincolnshire Notes and Queries]

SELDEN, John (1584-1654)
The historie of tithes, that is, the practice of payment of them.
London, 1618 (1st ed).
[Traces origins of tithes (Jews, Romans, early Christians), and development of the system from earliest times in Britain, incl. development of parish system]
Purchased from Isaac Cleave on 2 July 1691 for 5s.0d.

SMOLLETT, Tobias (1721-1771)
A complete history of England, from the descent of Julius Caesar, to the treaty of Aix la Chapelle, 1748.
Volume 2.
London, 1758 (2nd ed.)
Inscribed: ‘William Gorden, Merton College, 1790’ [William Gorden, son of William Gorden of Islip, Oxfordshire. Matriculated All Souls’ College, 18 April 1788, aged 17, Bible clerk 1788; scholar and Bible clerk at Merton College, BA 1792, MA 1795; vicar of Duns Tew 1794; detained a prisoner of war in France 1803, and sent to Verdun, where he remained 11 years, he died 9 May 1837].

SMOLLETT, Tobias (1721-1771)
The History of England; from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George II, in five volumes.
London, 1822.
Volume 4.
Bookplate: Presented to the Macready Institute by the representatives of the late Joseph Pitman Symes, Esq. Sherborne, 1888.

SMYTHE, Robert
Historical Account of Charter-house: compiled from the works of Hearne and Bearcroft, Harleian, Cottonian and private MSS and from other authentics sources, by a Carthusian.
London, 1808.
[Gives history from the original foundation, and description of the present institution; with the life of the modern founder, Thomas Sutton (1532-1611)]
Inscribed ‘C.Ty Latiove from Mrs M. Downe’
Acquired by Sherborne School after 1919.

A phenix, or The Solemn league and covenant. Whereunto is annexed, i. The form and manner of his majesties [Charles ii’s] coronation in Scotland [by sir J. Balfour]. With a sermon then preached, by R. Douglas. ii. A declaration of the kings majesty, 1650. iii. The great danger of covenant-breaking, &c., the substance of a sermon preached by E. Calamy.
Edinburgh, 1661.
[The work was actually published in 1661 by its author, Livewell Chapman, a Fifth Monarchist who had aroused the wrath of both Puritan and Royalist, and the work was banned. It is surprising that Clavell still had a copy, at such a low price]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 3s.0d.

SPEED, John (1552-1629)
The Historie of Great Britaine… unto the raigne of King James of famous memorie.
London, 1632 (3rd ed.)
[Designed as a continuation of the famous ‘Theatre’. First published 1611, and established Speed’s place as the first English historian rather than annalist. Though comprising old materials, he added much that was new. Covers whole length of British history]
Inscribed: ‘Joseph King, Christchurch, April 6, 1856’
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1807 and 1861.

SPOTSWOOD, John Archbishop (1565-1639)
The history of the Church and State of Scotland, beginning… 203… to the end of the Reign of King James the VI.
London, 1677 (4th ed.)
[Mainly deals with the period 1558-1625. Spotswood was the Archbishop of St. Andrews and a prominent member of the Scottish Privy Council. The work was composed at the suggestion of James I, who arranged Spotswood’s access to State papers. Thus an ‘official’ history. The first edition was published in 1655, although completed by 1639: the preface is dated this year. There are several interesting appendices, including histories of Scottish sees and universities. First published (posthumously) 1655]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 13s.0d.

ST JOHN, Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke (1678-1751)
A dissertation upon parties; in several letters to Caleb d’Anvers esq.
London, 1749 (7th ed.)
[Purports to show ‘the artifice of division into parties: a true idea of the constitution: to vindicate the revolution, its means and ends’. Part of Bolingbroke’s attack on Walpole, written in 1733-34 for ‘The Craftsman’ (Caleb d’Anvers the pseudonym of its editor)]
Ex libris Pet. Morris Goddard.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by T.C. Bartlett, 1902. [Thomas Charles Bartlett (1861-1929) attended Sherborne School 1873-1877]

ST JOHN, Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke (1678-1751)
Letters on the spirit of patriotism: on the idea of a patriot king: and on the state of parties at the accession of King George the first.
London, 1749 (1st ed.)
[The printing of the manuscript by Pope, without Bolingbroke’s knowledge, led to a rift between them]
Inscribed: ‘Robert Price’, ‘J.D. 1784/5’
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1897.

The Stock Exchange Memorial of those who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.
Printed for the Stock Exchange by Philip Lee Warner, publisher to the Medici Society Ltd., London, 1920.

STRUTT, Joseph (1749-1802)
A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, from the establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time, illustrated by engravings taken from the most authentic remains of antiquity.
London, 1796-1799 (1st ed.)
2 volumes.
[Gives full details of costumes, armour, ecclesiastical robes, etc. With 144 coloured engraved plates. Vol. I: Saxon times to late 12th century. Vol. II: up to early 17th century. Introductory section on dress from the earliest times]
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1903.

TILLESLEY, Richard (1582-1621)
Animadversions upon M. Selden’s history of tithes.
London, 1619 (1st ed.)
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 2s.10d.

Valor Ecclesiasticus Temp. Henr. 8, Auctoritate Regia Institutus
Edited by John Caley and Joseph Hunter.
Volume 1 (1810).
Volume 2 (1814).
Volume 3 (1817).
Volume 5 (1825).
Volume 6 (1834).

WILSON, Arthur (1595-1652)
The history of Great Britain, being the life and times of King James the First.
London, 1653 (1st ed.)
[Although the author was strongly anti-Stuart, he made extensive use of contemporary documents and speeches. He gives contemporary impressions and reminiscences, and gives eyewitness accounts of several of the foreign expeditions]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 8s.

WOOD, Anthony (1632-1695)
Historia et antiquitates Universitatis Oxoniensis.
Oxford, 1674 (1st ed.)
Two volumes in one.
[Latin text; both a general account of Oxford, and details of Schools, Colleges, etc. Includes ‘Fasti’ (Annals) of degrees awarded, etc.
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

WOOD, Anthony (1632-1695)
Athenae Oxoniensis: an exact history of all the writers and bishops who have had their education in… Oxford, from… 1500 to… 1690.
London, 1691-1692 (1st ed.)
2 volumes.
[A famous, and indefatigable, compilation of material on famous Oxford men. Also includes an enlarged, English, version of the ‘Fasti’ (Annals).
Bookplate: Frederick George Lee.
Inscribed: ‘L. Caryh’
Acquired by Sherborne School, November 1899.

WRIGHT, Thomas (1810-1877)
The Roll of Arms of the Princes, Barons and Knights who attended King Edward I to the Siege of Caerlaverock in 1300.
Edited by Thomas Wright.
London, 1864 (1st ed.)
[A Norman-French account, with English translation of the siege. Biographical footnotes on all names mentioned, with index. One of several early records resurrected by this antiquary]
Donated by Thomas Farrall, 1883.

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